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The Wordsmith's Forge
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Wild Tidy Joes
Today we made a batch of Wild Tidy Joes using bison meat.  (The original recipe used elk, but it works with a variety of game meats.  We've done it with venison too.)  I got six cartons of sandwich filling.  So that's 6 suppers for the two of us, plus 6-12 lunches for my partner Doug, or 18-24 servings.  We paid about $30 for three pounds of bison meat and probably another $10 for additional ingredients.  That's about $1.66 to $2.22 per serving.  You can put this stuff in a tortilla, a hamburger or hot dog bun, etc.  It also makes a great meaty dip for crackers or chips if you don't like the creamy kind.

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