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Content notes for "To See a Doll of Yourself"

These are the content notes for "To See a Doll of Yourself."

Enjoy a recipe for Chocolate Coconut Energy Bars.

Albinism comes in several varieties and tends to cause medical problems of the eyes and skin, although the degree varies greatly. Some albinos have no melanin at all, others just have far less than usual. Children may require special accommodations in school. The Evil Albino is an entertainment trope which can cause real damage to living people, who often face discrimination. Here are some movie examples. While I try to maintain some trope awareness, I don't feel that having a certain trait should give characters a Get Out of Hell Free card in literature. I prefer to write both positive and negative portrayals.

The Red Cross offers comprehensive classes in babysitting, child care, and infant/child first aid including CPR. However, that's not usually where people start. Most folks begin with simple afternoon classes that cover babysitting basics and common complaints such as scrapes and bruises. L-America rarely bothers to print certifications for that. T-America does so more often, and it's colloquially called a booboo card. Here are some additional resources, including a babysitter handbook and emergency reference guide.

Play goes through stages as children grow, including doll play. Here's a guide on what type of doll is most appropriate for what ages.

Doll parties let people customize a personal doll from available pieces.

Doll faces come in many styles. You can embroider a face on the doll before stuffing it, or after. Each method has its own pros and cons. Here they're mostly starting with pre-stuffed doll bodies. These doll faces are printable. Drawn faces can be simple or shaded. This set shows ethnic variations for faces and hair.

In T-America, the five basic colors for skin-tone products are pale, fair, medium, dark, and deep. Stores that carry Waldorf dolls for ordinary consumers customarily stock all of these, though they may have more variety in their most popular color(s). A full range of ten tones is available via special order: alabaster, bisque, peach, amber, buff, olive, toffee, terra cotta, mahogany, and ebony. Stores that serve a therapy market often have the whole set. You can also get Waldorf patterns especially for ethnic dolls.

Waldorf dolls come in a range of skin tones and ethnic features.

Dollmaking supplies include ordinary skin fabrics and crayon colored skin.

Doll hair can be made of natural wools or yarn.

Doll makeup includes rouge, freckle pens, face stamps, cosmetics, paints, and more. These create features that make the dolls more realistic.

Making a waldorf doll takes a lot of stages. You can make a weighted doll this way, or from a commercial toy. Here are instructions for a simple bunting doll. These instructions cover making the head and show the doll finished with arms and legs. Here's one on how to make the whole body.

A more detailed set explains the head, supplies, pattern, putting the doll together, facial embroidery, attaching hair, belly button and bum. You can choose individual supplies or buy a kit.

Doll hair comes in many styles. Here are tutorials for Waldorf doll boy hair or dreadlocks. Learn to make hair with a center part (section 1, section 2, section 3). See some Waldorf dolls with crayon hair.

This tutorial shows how to make a fake fur doll wig. See a pattern.

The backstitch makes a very secure "locking" stitch for durable seams. Watch a video about backstitching. It works very well for anchoring a doll wig. Regrettably, I could only find instructions for making wigs, not sewing one onto a doll's head.

Waldorf dolls have various patterns, some of them available free. This one is 60 centimeters. There is a horse-headed doll pattern for sale, but I couldn't find a free one. Or you can just take the horse head and neck off a horse toy pattern. Here are some rag doll patterns, free doll patterns, and many more types.

If you want more detailed hands than a round ball, the best approach for this type of soft doll is to use a mitten hand pattern. You can either leave it with just a thumb and the finger paddle, or you can separate the fingers by drawing or embroidering lines between them. The arm itself can be filled with stuffing or beanie material.

Lining up toys, which is a normal thing to do, is now scorned as a sign of mental illness. Play is now something children must do to please adults, instead of something they do for their own enjoyment. They're being judged on activities for which they've never been shown the "right way," and sanctioned if they do it the "wrong" way. So let's be clear: there is no wrong way to play, unless it hurts someone or breaks something.

Horse body language includes moving ears and clamped tail for anxiety. The ears and tail can tell you a lot about a horse's mood.

Doll clothes and accessories come in various patterns. Here are a few patterns for boy dolls, which are harder to find. This website sells boy doll clothes, and some girl doll clothes that are more active than frilly. T-America uses doll clothes to teach concepts of personal fashion, like what to wear for which occasion or how to assemble a capsule wardrobe for travel.

Here is a neutral fall/winter basics capsule wardrobe. This wardrobe collection includes:
--- Luxurious Chunky Knit Cowl in Ivory
--- Sleeveless Little Black Dress
--- Sweater Cardigan in Cream Gray
--- Cap-sleeve Lace Tee in Heather Gray
--- Striped Black and White Scoop-neck Tee
--- Babydoll Peasant Top in Cream Floral
--- Denim Blue Jeggings
--- Patchwork Denim Skinny Jeans

Doll accessories include things like a sleeping bag, hammock, backpack, tablet computer, mask, diaper bag, baby carrier, books, and games. You can imagine dolls doing anything, after all. Check out this cowboy hat pattern. You can buy sets of school room supplies, science accessories, adaptive equipment, books, and more.

Curved needles are sold as mattress or upholstery needles. Learn how to use them.

Button thread is very sturdy and comes in a modest range of colors. It works well for sewing dolls.

Shea butter comes in various scents, such as honeysuckle. Be aware that it has rather different uses depending on hair texture. For coarse, nappy hair use a lot of it to keep hair moist and supple. For fine hair, use just a tiny dab to minimize frizz. Too little on nappy hair will disappear without a trace; too much on fine hair will weigh it down.

Maldivian cuisine makes a fine lunch spread.

Shiv is this good with butterfly knife tricks, when he's not trying to be discreet.

These are the Finn family cableknit pillows and afghan.
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