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Location notes for "To See a Doll of Yourself"

Here are the location notes for "To See a Doll of Yourself."

This is the Mustang Sanctuary Group Home in Nevada, where Abilene lives. Hayfields surround the house. To the left there is a chicken coop with a small fenced run. A large riding arena stands in front of the house. The horse barns and kitchen gardens are off to the right. In the background lie wide green pastures for the horses.

The basement includes a common room with couches and chairs. A dress-up closet holds children's clothes. The basement features murals on the walls, including these of a princess and a horse. The exercise room includes a treadmill, stationary bicycle, weight bench, free weights, yoga balls, balance dome, and a viewscreen. Blue walls have branches and birds painted on them. The common bathroom in the basement is done in pink and green. It has a sink, a toilet, and a bathtub with shower. The laundry room has four washer/dryer pairs, a sink, a counter, and chairs.

There is a counselor apartment in the basement. Its kitchen includes a stove, sink, refrigerator, dining table, and viewscreen. The door on the right leads to the living room / white bedroom. The living room has a hide-a-bed couch and doubles as the white bedroom. The bedroom has a wireframe bed decorated in red. Here is the view from the living room / white bedroom looking into the kitchen. The bathroom is done in blue. It has a sink, a shower, and a toilet.

On the first floor, the kitchen is done in green with a sink, dishwasher, stove, microwave oven, refrigerator, and butcher table. The dining room is yellow and green, with multiple tables and chairs. At the back end stands a row of extra refrigerators. The living room has couches and chairs. A home office provides space for social work. The therapy room has a large corner couch along with an easy chair. The quiet corner lies behind the curtain. The library holds several bookcases with books for all ages. This double room has two beds, two closets, and a sink. In this double room, the beds are parallel. This is a quad room with two pairs of bunk beds. The common bathroom has two sinks, a toilet, and a bathtub with shower.

On the second floor, this triple room holds the youngest girls, aged 9 or less. Abilene's bedroom includes a bed, end table, dresser, and computer desk. The second floor bathroom is mostly pink and white. It has a sink, toilet, and bathtub with shower. This single bedroom has a bed, a trunk, a butterfly rug, and a clothes rack. A double bedroom at the dormers has two twin beds. The counselor bedroom is a double with two king-size beds. Beyond the door you can see the master bathroom.

On the third floor, the attic has been finished as a playroom. The bathroom features a sink, a large walk-in shower, a toilet, and linen closets.

The garage has an apartment above it for counselors. See floor plans for the first floor and second floor. The bathroom has a seashell sink, toilet,and bathtub with shower. The dining room has a table with three chairs and a bench. The kitchen sink is under a window. A stove and refrigerator are not visible in this picture. The bedroom has a full-size bed and a dressing bench.

The left and right dormers have the living room between them.
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