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Today's Cooking

For July, I planned as my new recipe one that I found last fall for Summer Squash Bread, and had to wait for them to come into season.  So that is now in the oven.

Turns out, we bought two squash but only needed one.  So I looked up a recipe to make a side dish for supper, and decided to do a version of this one with basil butter.

EDIT 7/25/19: Verdict on the Summer Squash Bread is really fucking good.  I'll have a hard time not eating way too much of this.  We've killed almost half a loaf between us already.  If you love zucchini bread, it's well worth a try, but the flavor is much more delicate.  We both compared it to banana bread.  I keep thinking "This would be good with ..." (cashews, cardamom, oats) and then going, "Nah, don't mess with perfection."  It does take some fiddling around to make, but no more than any squash bread, and it's not particularly difficult.

I also wrote up what I did with the extra squash, which wound up being different enough from the inspirational recipe that I needed to record what I did.  

So these are things you can do with summer squash while it's in season.  It's only good for a few months.  The ones you find in stores after September or so are rarely worth eating.  But right now, they are delicious.
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