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Poem: "Suitable Accommodations"

This poem is spillover from the July 16, 2019 Poetry Fishbowl. It was inspired and sponsored by [personal profile] ng_moonmoth. It also fills the "Family Portraits" square in my 7-1-19 card for the Winterfest Bingo fest. This poem belongs to the Monster House series.

"Suitable Accommodations"

When you live in
a house full of monsters,
it's important to ensure everyone
has suitable accommodations.

After the kids are old enough to move
into loft beds over school desks,
the monster-under-the-bed
shyly mentions a friend who
is not a bed monster but
wishes to be one.

"It's just, you know,
the only kind of bed
he could fit under ..."

So the desks are swapped
for the floor cushions and
futon in the flop space,
and the problem is solved.

Some monsters need
other types of accommodations.

Not everyone has traits that
signal their gender accurately.

The hairy monster is,
to all outward appearances,
a walking tuft of hair with
no visible distinctions.

So my daughter brings home
a badge that says, Hello
Address me as Jules
Please use: Ey, Em, Eirs.

It clips onto the hair and
makes everything clear.

We're all smiling in
the family portraits now.

Sometimes all you need
to make life a lot easier is a set
of suitable accommodations.

* * *


This Hello sticker uses the pronouns Ey, Em, Eirs. Similar stickers come in various styles.

Spivak pronouns are gender-neutral terms. Here are some other options, several which are quite popular among genderqueer people and authors writing about alien genders.
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