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Regarding "Netflix and Chill"

Recent discussions have turned up two opposed meanings of the phrase "Netflix and chill."

* Watch television due to feeling too tired or unfocused for anything else.

* Have sex.

I believe that this is an iteration of a much older conflict in which some people use euphemisms such as "Would you like to see my card collection?" to mean "Let's go have sex," whereas other people with special interests like to show off their hoards and view those belonging to others so they use those phrases in the direct meaning.  Such misunderstandings are extremely frustrating to both parties, and in some cases, contribute to sexual assault.

Therefore, if you are using this phrase or hear others using it, and the context involves a choice of action rather than idle conversation, it would be prudent to confirm which definition is meant before deciding.
Tags: cyberspace theory, linguistics, safety
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