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Happy 4th of July!

We bought some fireworks from JJ Firework Sales in Charleston.  We got a big box of sparklers, which have proven to be difficult to light but pretty once lit.  (We needed the kind on bamboo sticks, not wires.)  We also got the Cutting Edge Fireworks High Ball Fountain that he recommended, which was the best fountain I've bought.  It turned out to have 5 barrels and multiple modes.  There were silver balls, colored ones of green, red, and blue at various times, and sprays of loudly crackling gold sparks.  It burned for a really long time.  You want to stay back, though -- it starts out small but then gets considerably bigger.  \o/  I'd definitely buy that again.

The sale tent is located near EIU in a parking lot.  He said he'd stay open until July 5-6 to sell off remaining inventory, so if anyone is still looking for fireworks, go for it.

See my previous post about fireworks.
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