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#pocketwin: Lagenlook Aprons

While researching something else, I stumbled across lagenlook aprons. These come in nice fabrics with big pockets, and are designed to be worn over other clothes.  They differ from kitchen aprons in that they are meant as fashion wear, not just for messy tasks; but they still add pockets for practicality.  Alas, they are also ruinously expensive; see examples from America and England.

However, aprons are among the easiest garments to make. Even if you can't sew, you could probably make one with fabric glue or ironing tape. You just take a rectangle of fabric, taper the top if you wish, put a wide strip across the bottom and make channels to divide that into pockets, then attach a neck loop or ties and waist ties.  You can actually put a lot more pockets than that, but remember weight; the more pockets you want, the heavier the fabric needs to be.  For a lightweight fashion fabric like calico, one bottom row is probably plenty.  With denim, you can trick it out like a carpenter's apron if you want to.

Here are some patterns so you can make your own tie-on pocket garment:






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