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In Which California Is Evil

While researching something else, I stumbled across an evil practice in California: it forbids students without a high school degree from attending trade schools.  Unless you can perform as demanded in the state education -- and are permitted to do so -- you get no education, ever.  This discriminates against students with disabilities that may prevent them from finishing, those moved so often they can't meet requirements for graduation, anyone with a bad enough illness or injury that costs them too much time to catch up, neurovariant kids who just aren't suited to conventional schools, and so on.  It means forcibly depriving people of the means to work, for their whole lives.  And then they'll be blamed for being poor and "lazy."  >_<  Evil.

It's also anti-capitalist.  If customers aren't free to spend their money however they please, then the free-market-selection process stops working.  That's a problem, and it is increasingly a problem in education today where students are forced to buy more and more classes they don't want and can't use to get at they few they really need.
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