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Content notes for "To Perceive Patterns"

Here are the content notes for "To Perceive Patterns."

See Keane's olive jogging suit and jade underwear set.

Detroit museums have some exhibits on architecture. Guided tours show off local examples of it. Pure Detroit is a local culture shop.

Michigan native grasses and ground covers work well in landscaping. Sedges grow in damp areas, and Indian grass is a popular bunching grass. Learn how to plant native grasses. Ground covers include bearberry and partridgeberry. Unlike grasses, they don't need mowing or trimming.

Motor City supports a surprising variety of birds.

Bro / brah / bruh: Short for brother, but used for close male friends who aren’t actually brothers.

baby daddy
a male, often a boyfriend or an ex-boyfriend. Most often means the father of, or someone who provides for, a female's child. Derived from
"He is my baby's daddy. When my baby daddy get back, he'll bust you in your grill!"
Lyrical reference: JOE LYRICS - Ain't Nothin' LikeMe
"Your man fiance trick ya baby daddy..."

Little Free Libraries are wonderful things, but local America seems to hate them. Read about them and build your own. In Motor City, like most of T-America, they are quite popular. This one at the Belle Isle Nature Zoo typically holds books about Motor City and the wildlife of Michigan. This neighborhood model offers fiction and nonfiction for children and adults.

In late 2014, the Little Free Libraries would have many titles from the 2013 Michigan Notable Books, because people buy books that win awards specifically to stash them there. Read about the award here. Some titles later appearing on the 2014 list may already be there too. See also books about Motor City, fiction by Michigan writers, Great Lakes nature books, books for young readers,

all up in my biznezz
when someone is meddling in your affairs or dealings. They are "in your business."
"Quit asking about my girl . . . why you all up in my biznezz?"

Healthy comfort food includes snacks like Cinnamon Sweet Potato Chips, Salt and Pepper Beef Jerky, and Fruit Kabobs.

Area code that encompasses most of Detroit. It's infamous around the U.S. as being a bad area that scares most people.
"I represent the 313 sucka!"

T-America considers sound management a crucial aspect of building design, especially multi-family housing. A noisy environment makes people miserable and starts arguments. In Gray's apartment, the outer layer of each wall is drywall, the inner layer is plastic honeycomb, and the middle is filled with ordinary insulation. A honeycomb panel may be open, or sealed between two solid layers for a more effective sound baffle such as used in these buildings. The studs are slightly offset so that alternating ones support each face of the wall, minimizing sound transmission through solid objects. All light switches, power outlets, and other apertures are also offset. The doors are sealed to minimize acoustic leaking. The floors and ceilings are shielded with different materials to prevent noise transmission between floors. Sound carries somewhat, but it muffles down to something akin to white noise; you can't really make out words, music, or what the neighbors are doing. This results in a much quieter, calmer living situation for everyone and thereby reduces conflicts. L-America is less careful about this, although it's getting somewhat better, because people won't pay extra for peace and quiet. T-American folks will.

GenderCat sells affirming prosthetics including the GenderMender packers which come in over 200 skin tones. They are expensive, but you get what you pay for: an exact replica of the cock (and balls if you want them) that you should have had. Now imagine Keane, Ham, and Clement all arguing over how to afford three of those things, because none of theirs look anything alike.

Binders flatten breasts to create a more masculine chest profile. Read a review of the best ones, written by a trans author. Consider binder safety.

adj. Twenty-four hours a day-seven days a week.
"Seven Eleven is open 24-7."

Race and kink can create complications. People have a right to play with race, but it requires care and forethought to do safely. The most fraught combination is what we see here: a white top and a black bottom. (Nevermind the body's natural-tan skin; Keane is black.) Some black people have difficulty enjoying kink, even though their sexuality inclines that way, due to historic trauma from slavery. Kinksters must be prepared to handle these issues responsibly.

zoned out/zonen
v./adv. A term used to refer to the similar actions of daydreaming, unaware of themoment, usually lost in deep thought. The actions of a person who is intoxicated and unable to control their thoughts.
"Leave Matt alone. He's zoned out."
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