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Setting notes for "To Perceive Patterns"

Here are the setting notes for "To Perceive Patterns."

Gray's apartment stands beside Lafayette Park in Motor City. This affordable housing complex consists of four mid-rise buildings nestled together around common courtyards with a swimming pool. they have underground parking and easy access to nearby attractions.

The L-shaped Building 3 on the left has the clubhouse with swimming pool. A bridge passes over a driveway between Building 2A and Building 2B in the middle and the angled building on each side of them. A long courtyard runs between the two middle buildings. The mirror-L Building 1 on the right has the large lawn.

This diagram shows part of a 1-mile radius from the apartment complex, approximately 20 minutes on foot or 7 minutes on a bicycle.
Walk Score: 78, Very Walkable
Transit Score: 50, Good Transit

The sitemap shows the individual buildings and their courtyards.

A long courtyard passes between Building 2A and Building 2B.

Building 1 has the large yard.

Benches dot the patios. Some patios have a grill or other common equipment.

This path leads to a bridge.

At twilight, the steely tones turn to warm brass.

Under the bridge and the building, you can just see one corner of the entrance to the underground parking.

Underground parking marks spaces for cars and pedestrians. It has a bicycle garage with lockers, a bicycle wash station, and a bicycle repair station. A locker room in the bike garage gives bikers a place to shower and change clothes. It also serves the swimming pool.

The laundromat includes high-capacity and low-capacity washers and dryers, clothing carts, tables and chairs, and community computers.

The clubhouse has a large patio on one side and a swimming pool on the other. The patio leads to the bridge which crosses the sunken driveway and lets out into the long courtyard between the two middle buildings. The pool has plenty of tables and chairs around it.

Inside, the clubhouse includes a kitchen, dining area, and pit group. The gizmotronic fireplace burns purple thanks to the twins Neve and Nera.

The large exercise room has glass walls. An accessible dottie serves the ground floor of the clubhouse, but to get a shower you have to go downstairs to the locker room.

Gray has an apartment on the ground floor of Building 1, looking toward the trees between the complex and Lafayette Park. He hangs art over the couch. His kitchen includes an island and a side table. In the background you can see the laundry closet. The bathroom includes a sink, toilet, and bathtub with dual showerheads. The master bedroom connects with the bathroom and also has an outside window. The home office is a little open niche between the two bedrooms. The guest bedroom has its own closet.

Lafayette Park has a graffiti wall.
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