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Monday Yardening

Today is mostly sunny, mild, and breezy.

Round One, I fed birds.  Then I put saucers under potted plants.  I tried to rake off cut grass that had blown over the newest grass, but the shoots are too fragile to withstand either raking or the weight of cut grass.  :/ 

EDIt 6/24/19: Round Two, I got rained out after picking half a bag of mulberries.  I ignored the early warning drops in hopes it would be just a drizzle, but it rained heavier so I got rather wet. However, I did think to cover my shoes with plastic bags, so I didn't get them all muddy this time.  \o/

I saw deer tracks, browsing along the edge of the yard.

EDIT 6/24/19: Round Three, I planted a wild columbine that a friend brought over a few days ago, in the forest garden.  I also planted wildflower seeds, sunflower seeds, and milkweed in the wildflower garden.

EDIT 6/24/19: Round Four, I planted chives and zinnias in the septic garden.
Tags: birdfeeding, gardening, illinois, nature, personal, wildlife
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