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Setting notes for "Because You Have Made It So"

These are the setting notes for "Because You Have Made It So."

Due to marriage tourism in Utah, some venues in Salt Lake City and other locales cater to this market. Since many polycules already have one or more binary marriages in place, and family support is lower than average, there are places that offer ceremonies just for the polycule and a few optional guests. This allows the venue to cycle multiple ceremonies through one place each day, saving money for the polycule while adding up to a nice income for the host. Some hotels offer honeymoon suites with an extra-large bed, while other suites have two or more bedrooms.

The wedding pavilion stands on a raised platform, wiht an ironwork dome supported by four columns.  In winter, snow and ice decorate the scene.

The hotel lobby features a massive wall of artificial stone decorated with near-life-size animal statues.  The child care room lies between the lobby and the water park, separated from them by big glass windows. It offers extensive programming for education and entertainment. Children are not kept exclusively in this room, and caregivers take them around to other parts of the hotel such as the arcade or the eateries.  The hotel water park has swimming pools and water slides with more rock walls, huts, and giant urns.

The arcade offers many games.  A separate playroom provides space for young children to run around.  The gym offers physical activity for teens and adults.

The infant care room and nap room are located in a quieter corner of the hotel.

The gift shop carries clothes, jewelry, souvenirs, and necessities including many items with African motifs.

Café Mirage offers sandwiches, salads, and other nibblements.

A full restaurant provides family dining along with a dance floor.  The lounge gives people a place to gather and relax.

Animal statues decorate the hallways.

This is a floor plan of the 2-bedroom honeymoon suite. Hefty and Roger have the bedroom with one bed; Fiddlesticks, Diamond, and the girls have the bedroom with two beds; each with its own bathroom. They share a kitchen, dining room, living room, powder room, and balcony.  The kitchen is defined by a bar.  The dining table seats six.  The living room includes a fireplace.

Princessa's family has rented a honeymoon suite equipped with a family-size bed.  Read more about oversized beds.

See the Great Salt Lake in winter.
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