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Setting notes for "Every Man's Business"

These are the setting notes for "Every Man's Business."

In Terramagne-Mercedes, Juvenile Hall consists of a compound just outside of town with housing, classrooms, food service, support areas, and recreation. (All of the 'future' facilities have been built.) This is the main administrative building. The two cross-shaped buildings are the male and female jails for violent or otherwise serious offenders. The four pods for less-serious offenses house boys 8-12, girls 8-12, boys 13-17, and girls 13-17. Each pod includes a day room flanked by 4 dorms, and each dorm holds 8 bunk beds, for a total of 64 beds per pod and 256 beds in the facility. Every one also has its own support area with counseling, interview-counseling, visiting-counseling, visitor toilet, medical exam room, medical office, staff toilet, staff room, and staff office space. Each pod has a basement block of three holding cells. Each holding cell includes a sink-toilet, a twin bed with storage underneath, a corner desk with stool, and a light panel.

Outside the cafeteria, you can see basketball courts. Inside it has fixed tables and stools.

Classrooms may have tables or desks.

The wood shop and metal shop are adjacent. The metal shop includes machines and study space.

The school library includes tables and chairs, bookcases, and a computer room.

The gym has gym mats and heavy bags in a large open area, along with exercise equipment in smaller rooms.

The road to the Hastings country property runs through pastures. In Terramagne-America, this is a hunting cabin on 2 acres of land with an outdoor stone oven and a little creek, adjacent to 240 acres of BLM land on one side and a 5,730 acre ranch leased for cattle on the other side. Available game includes elk, blacktail deer, pigs, quail, doves, bass, catfish, and bluegill.

The basement gathering room has benches, chairs, and a pool table. Not visible from this angle is a dart board. The kitchen is rustic, particularly the sink, but it has a new refrigerator-freezer, stove, microwave, and dishwasher. The wooden dining table has four matching chairs. The living room has a large window and a built-in couch. The master bedroom has a full-size bed with a small built-in shelf above it. The bunkroom has four built-in bunks and a built-in dresser under the window. The bathroom has a shower stall, toilet stall, bathtub, and two sinks so several people can use it at the same time. Not visible from this angle, the far side of the shower has a built-in bench and a handheld showerhead.

Bouteloua gracilis (blue grama): California native plant. A warm season, perennial, native grass; drought-tolerant; full sun; good for grazing; mow to 3 inches or attractive unmowed; water (summer) every 1–4 weeks; do not overirrigate or over-fertilize.

The Blue Grama Ranch includes a house and several outbuildings.

Several trees shelter a picnic spot. Pastures and trees cover the rolling hills that stretch down to the river.

A herd of elk roams the hills. Wild pigs forage among the brush.

In T-California, wild pigs are not classified as game animals because they are not native. They can be hunted freely. Seasonal and limit guidelines are available for landowners who wish to manage a herd on their land, but these are not requirements.

"The Legend of the Laughing Bass"
Many fishermen who have visited Laughing Bass Lake tell stories about a giant bass who can be hooked but never landed. It always breaks free at the last minute and then swims away, laughing. Because anglers often exaggerate the size of a fish, and the legend is at least a hundred years old, most people blow it off as a wild fish story. But people keep saying that they hooked the thing and it got away. Attempts to scan the lake have yielded no more than an observation of impressively large bass.
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