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Character notes for "The Hottest Blood of All"

Here are the character notes for "The Hottest Blood of All."

Shale -- He is a sperm whale calf, about 14 feet long and slate gray. He lives in the Maldives. After his mother was killed by a drunken boater, Steel and Moderato rescued him.
Origin: When Shale was about two months old, a yacht ran over him and his mother. He survived with gashes on his back and developed superpowers, but his mother died.
Uniform: None. He goes nude.
Qualities: Good (+2) Constitution, Good (+2) Tool Use
Poor (-2) Traumatic Fear
Powers: Good (+2) Telekinesis, Good (+2) Telempathy
Motivation: To stay safe.

Sperm whale gestation lasts 16-19 months, typically just under 18. A newborn calf measures 12-13 feet long and weighs 1 ton. At first the mother must help the calf surface to breathe, but soon it learns to swim on its own. Calves nurse for about 2 years. A cow bears a calf every 3-4 years. Females become sexually mature at 9-10 years, males at 18-19 years. They can live over 70 years. Aside from the gestation period, which is about twice is long, their life cycle is quite similar to that of humans.

Terrible experiences can cause traumatic stress. This manifests in various ways, including traumatic fear. Children have a heightened risk of brain damage due to trauma sensitizing them to fear. Know how to help children cope with traumatic stress.

Chauncey Bettencourt -- He had fair skin, brown eyes, and short brown hair with a scruffy beard. Born into a luxurious lifestyle, he enjoyed traveling and partying. Both his sexual skill and his love of shopping made him popular with women. His latest girlfriend was Brandi Buffett. Chauncey took her to the Maldives for a vacation with his 52-foot yacht Carousel. They were both drunk when the yacht ran over a pair of sleeping whales. Chauncey and the mother whale were killed, while the calf and Brandi were injured. The yacht was damaged but repairable.
Qualities: Expert (+4) Wealth, Good (+2) Generous, Good (+2) Ladies' Man, Good (+2) Stamina
Poor (-2) Problem Drinking

Brandi Buffett -- She has fair skin that tans easily, blue eyes, and long hair of dark blonde that bleaches in the sun. She is tall and statuesque with elegant curves. Born into a well-to-do lifestyle, Brandi likes socializing and volunteering at charities. She attracts men easily and enjoys their company freely. Her latest boyfriend, Chauncey Bettencourt, took her to the Maldives for a vacation with his 52-foot yacht Carousel. They were both drunk when the yacht ran over a pair of sleeping whales. Chauncey and the mother whale were killed, while the calf and Brandi were injured.
Qualities: Good (+2) Charity Volunteer, Good (+2) Figure, Good (+2) Sexual Athletics, Good (+2) Socialite, Good (+2) Wealth
Poor (-2) Ditz

Jumpship (Tilley Princeton) -- She has fair skin that tans easily, brown eyes, and short brown hair. She is tall with muscular legs and feminine curves. Tilley has worked for a number of supervillain organizations over the years, with no more than casual loyalty to any of them. Since moving to the Maldives, however, she prefers legal work and is much happier in the laid-back atmosphere.
Origin: During a high school cruise over spring break, her ship was attacked and Tilley jumped off. But she never hit the water. She landed on her bed at home. Her well-to-do parents promptly disowned her for being a freak.
Uniform: She favors casual activewear in soft beach colors like aquamarine and peach.
Qualities: Good (+2) Adventurous, Good (+2) Athletic, Good (+2) Reliable, Good (+2) Visual-Spatial Intelligence, Good (+2) Wealth
Poor (-2) Light Sensitive
Powers: Expert (+4) Teleportation
Motivation: Don't get too attached.

Sheck Caperton -- He has fair skin, brown eyes, and short brown hair. He has a navel piercing. Sheck works as a spotter at the Whale & Dolphin Company, helping them find cetaceans for the tourists to watch, and observing them himself. He is currently studying cetacean first aid with a marine veterinarian. Recently he has begun volunteering with Aquariana and the cetacean soups. He's just getting started in life, has a degree but little practical experience. He still gets excited and loses control sometimes.
Qualities: Good (+2) Cetacean Biologist, Good (+2) Endurance, Good (+2) Energetic, Good (+2) Marine Veterinary Nurse, Good (+2) Memory
Poor (-2) Controversial
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