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Disability Pride Flag as a Capsule Wardrobe
I posted about the Disability Pride Flag by [personal profile] capri0mni, who thought it was a good match for Terramagne. Yes, it is. So that got me thinking about a capsule wardrobe based on it ...

In T-America, it is easy to find all kinds of items with your preferred pride flag on them. T-shirts, dresses, skirts, scarves, handkerchiefs, hats, belts, bags, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces are among the favorites. Get Your Stripes On sells all that and much more. L-America has places like Zazzle where you can put your desired artwork on any base item. Figure on starting with a few of those -- say a scarf, hat, belt, and bag.

Consider the 4x4 wardrobe. It's a great match for a color set consisting of two neutrals (black and white) plus four colors (blue, yellow, red, and green). In T-America you can get help from store clerks to assemble a capsule wardrobe. If you order online the menu often has several capsules to choose from as well as instructions or templates you can fill in with custom choices. It makes shopping a lot faster and easier for people who hate shopping.

Chose a first Core of Four in white and a second Core of Four in black, each with two tops and two bottoms. The Mileage Four adds four tops -- in this case one each of blue, yellow, red, and green. The Expansion Four can be anything, and tends to combine colors. So here we have a blouse, a skirt, and a dress in multicolor plus a pair of blue jeans. Almost everything in this capsule will match with anything else, although the multicolor blouse and skirt probably don't.

There are other ways to do this, starting with the 4x4 inspiration. If you love colors, you could use the white and black sets we've already seen, but add a set of clothes in each of blue, yellow, red, and green. If you're more conservative, consider sticking with neutral clothes but add accessories in marina, buttercup, grenadine, and green flash. If you love a particular type of garment, you could add a set of four dresses in the bright colors, or whatever. Adding a set of four colored bottoms would let you mix-and-match with the four colored tops.

There aren't as many examples for guys, but I cobbled together something less feminine. Here's our Core of Four in white and in black. For the Mileage Four, men who like colors could choose bright t-shirts or polo shirts, while more conservative men may prefer black polos with colored collars. For the Expansion Four, consider a tie-dye t-shirt, a striped t-shirt, and a black shirt with mismatched color words in multicolor plus a pair of blue jeans. Everything in here matches with everything else.

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