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House Warding

Today we did a house warding for a friend's new home. \o/ This is the first keelplate warding I've done in this life, and we really went all out.  Some of the work was done as the house was being built.  Today we used a gong, smudging with sage, and sprinkling water with black salt to raise the wards.  We went through every room and sprinkled every facet of the walls.  We made virtual doors in some arches so adjacent rooms could be warded separately if desired.  We sealed all the doors, windows, mirrors, and other apertures.  I added a few other fancy features -- blinking the wards when someone crosses the boundary, automatic grounding, and a 'flush' function to remove unwanted energy.  Much of the work was done by the house owner, which helped anchor it all.

The ritual was very powerful.  The house itself is excellently built and beautifully decorated, so it has the structural integrity to hold a charge.  The land is alive and responsive -- this was the first time I've done a ritual in Amish territory and I suspect that's the party of why.

We ate supper right before we did the ritual, I was quite stuffed, and by the end of it, my belly was gnawing on my backbone again.  I must've burned off over a thousand calories in less than an hour.  So we got ice cream on the way home.  :D

Tags: illinois, magic, paganism, personal, spirituality
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