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Today's Adventures

We went up to Champaign today and made some interesting finds.

I noticed that International Grill has some useful posters up.  A couple of them focus on adding extra nutrition to food with colors and spices.  But they also have one that says "Allergies are serious.  Start a conversation with our staff."  This is the first allergy-friendly sign I've seen in a restaurant.  Most of them have a sign that says everything "may have" come into contact with any and all allergens, which is to say, they don't promise not to poison you and it isn't a safe place for people with special dietary needs.  >_<

At World Harvest, we chatted with a lady at the cheese counter, where we bought two new cheeses.  Romi is an Egyptian cheese made from water buffalo milk.  It has a high sharp note and lower mellow notes, hard and crumbly like Parmesan or Romano.  I'm planning to make meatloaf with that and bison.  :D  Mimolette is a French cheese that looks a lot like cantaloupe, with a hard rind and bright orange flesh.  It's sharp with kind of a nutty flavor.  Doug plans to use it in a black walnut quiche.  

At Harvest Market, I found some tree tomatoes.  Never even heard of them, bought some out of 'satiable curiosity.  I looked them up and it says that they are more sweet than savory.  So now I have to wonder if they'll be anything like the golden berries.  We also scored some duck bacon, to be saved for whenever we get duck eggs again, because duck egg/duck bacon quiche is sooo good.
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