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Monday Update 6-3-19

These are some posts from the later part of last week in case you missed them:
Climate Change in the Ocean
Sunday Yardening
Flower Salad
Money vs. Space
Cottoncandy Bingo Card 6-1-19
Friday Yardening
Read "Nesting" by Dialecticdreamer
Thursday Yardening
Poetry Fishbowl Report for May 7, 2019
Emotional Intimacy Question: Strengths
Poem: "The Heart of Creativity"
Wednesday Yardening
Poem: "The Child Who Survived"
Unsold Poems for the May 7, 2019 Poetry Fishbowl
Poem: "Hyggelig"
Hard Things

There will be a Poetry Fishbowl on Tuesday, June 4 with a theme of "Oaths and Promises."

Poetry in Microfunding:

There are two open epics.

"Learning the Vocation" belongs to Path of the Paladins. Shahana and company play games in the common room.

"A Cave Swarming with Strange Forms of Life" belongs to Polychrome Heroics: Iron Horses. Kenzie and Pretty Ears talk about counseling styles.

Weather here has been mild. Seen at the birdfeeders this week: a flock of mourning doves, a small flock of sparrows, a few grackles, a pair of house finches, a pair of goldfinches, a pair of cardinals, two robins, two gray catbirds, a brown thrasher, an indigo bunting, and two rabbits. Currently blooming: violas, violets, honeysuckle, petunias, pinks, marigolds, alliums, chives, lantana, torenia, million bells, moss rose, firecracker plant, salvia, and a bunch of other things.  I've finished planting everything from the garden center except the tree.  Mulberries are ripe. Cherries and raspberries have green fruit. Blackberries are blooming.
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