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Notes for "The Heart of Creativity"

These are the notes for "The Heart of Creativity."

"Mystery is at the heart of creativity. That, and surprise."
-- Julia Cameron

Koffee Kult Dark Roasted Price: $24.99
fair trade coffee, organic coffee, gourmet coffee
This rainforest-friendly blend of Columbian, Guatemalan, and Sumatran organically-sourced whole beans is smooth and bright with notes of cinnamon. This coffee makes a great crema for you espresso drinkers. As with any great coffee, the aroma does half the job of waking you up, and this one won’t disappoint

Panama Finca Hartmann (95)
Temple Coffee and Tea
Location: Sacramento, California
Origin: Santa Clara, Panama.
Roast: Light
Est. Price: $17.50/12 ounces
Blind Assessment: Monumental yet elegant. Explosive aromatics: Papaya and orange, baker’s chocolate, sweet layered flowers (lilac, honeysuckle), pungent hints of juniper and myrrh carry intact into the cup. Brisk but juicy acidity; full, syrupy mouthfeel. A dry chocolate hint in particular carries into a deep, long finish.
Who Should Drink It: Spectacular array of aroma and flavor notes, shifting with little revelations clear to the bottom of the cup

Fresh Roasted Coffee Sumatra Decaf Price: $31.95
fair trade coffee, organic coffee, gourmet coffee
It wouldn’t be fair to go through this whole thing without suggesting a decaf alternative. This is an organic, fair trade medium roast with a light body from the Indonesian growing region. The roaster’s tasting notes include earthy and baker’s chocolate. Fresh Roasted LLC offers a whole line of coffees to try, including other decaf blends

See Shiv's Wake Duh Fuh Cup at the Finn family house in California.

Make an oatmeal bar for breakfast with sweet or savory ingredients. You can group toppings by theme or include many different types. Sweet oatmeal can be basic or fancy. Savory oatmeal is more popular in T-America than here; you can find instant cups in flavors like onion or curry. Here are some ideas, and this page includes some similar to oatmeal congee.

The Finn Family soup cups are all the same size and shape, but with different colors and textures to distinguish which belongs to whom. Ceramic artists often sell individual cups or mixed sets like this with distinctive designs so people can assemble whatever they want.

Fruit platters are easy to make. This one included seasonal fruits from California (spring: apricots, cherries, strawberries, kiwis, grapefruit, oranges; summer: blueberries). It lasted less than five minutes.

Shiv makes a tool similar to a safety seam ripper.

Junket's peacock T-shirt is mostly blue with a green-and-gold eyefeather on one shoulder.

Shiv's peacock graffiti T-shirt is mostly turquoise with the feather done in dye-resist and graffiti added afterwards.

Luci's Chinese tie-dyed T-shirt has flowers. Shiv's Chinese tie-dyed T-Shirt from Luci has fish. Lucky carp symbolize wealth, longevity, and artistry. Gold markers actually come in many shades. The white-gold fabric pen that Luci used after drawing her guide lines has a similar color to the Sakura Pentouch on the right.

Yes, people really fought over indigo, and that's not the only time people fought over dye or other colors.

Shiv's shibori tie-dyed T-shirt is yellow with white patches, done with blocks. Tolli's shibori tie-dyed T-shirt has broad bands of blue, green, and brown with narrow stripes of black.

Aida's mandala tie-dyed T-shirt is mostly turquoise and purple with an orange sunburst in the center. Learn how to make it.

Shiv's snowflake tie-dyed T-shirt uses turquoise and navy blue.

Simon's gay pride flag T-shirt has six horizontal bands of color. Heron's ace pride flag T-shirt has horizontal bands of black, gray, white, and purple. Halley's genderqueer pride flag T-shirt has horizontal bands of purple, white, and green. Griffin's transgender pride flag T-shirt from Halley has horizontal stripes of blue, pink, white, pink, blue.

Shiv's crumple tie-Dye T-shirt uses several shades of blue.

Elisabeth's rosette tie-dye T-shirt has a yellow background with bursts of green, brown, and purple. Here are instructions for stenciling over a tie-dye T-shirt with fabric paint. You can also use more fabric dye as described in the previous poem. Rosettes and other stencils can be purchased and taped over the fabric, or you can cut your own from sheets of contact paper. Sticky paper will give more precision for detailed stencils, and minimize the amount of dye or paint spread, thus making for crisper lines.

Edison's squirt gun dye T-shirt has green and yellow on the corners with raspberry streaks all over. The squirt gun technique may be used on dry or damp T-shirts; the colors will spread more the wetter the cloth is. You can squirt dye over a plain T-shirt or use a contrasting color over one already dyed.

Drew's rainbow heart brush dyed T-shirt has a heart and dots of different colors. It involves scribbling on a wet shirt.

Halley's ombré T-shirt is turquoise at the base. This type of color fade can be created in many ways, including capillary action as described in the previous poem.

Halley's ice-dyed T-shirt is mostly mauve with a white center. Shiv's ice-dyed T-shirt is mottled in many colors with a turquoise patch at the center. Graham's ice-dyed T-shirt from Shiv is mostly purple with a vivid orange center.

Shiv's extra ice-dyed T-shirts span various styles and colors. Ice dyeing is trickier than it looks. Of all the techniques, it's one of the most prone to producing muddy colors, because of how it works. This tutorial explains four easy and effective ways to avoid that problem. Use these to learn how the dyes behave. Then you can try fancier tricks. However, it's also a perfect method for people who like muted colors. Halley gets great results because thon understands chemistry. Shiv is just using his artistic intuition.

Halley makes an ice-dyed galaxy onesie. Learn how to ice-dye a onesie. Dairinne's tie-dyed rainbow onesie from Heron has a sun too. Dairinne's Tie-dyed heart onesie from Mallory uses rainbow colors and black. Learn how to tie-dye a onesie. Graham makes a rainbow spiral onesie in softer colors.

Heron's circles tie-dyed T-shirt is done in brown.

Shiv's friendship T-shirt with Tolli and Simon is mostly white with patches of orange, green, and turquoise. Shiv's friendship T-shirt with Luci has black and blue.

Simon's peace sign tie-dyed T-shirt is red, white, and blue. Tolli's peace sign tie-dyed T-shirt has a camouflage pattern in greens and browns. A peace sign may be created with rubber bands alone, or rubber bands plus clothespins.

Molly's spatter dyed T-shirt uses pastels.

Shiv's Finn family spatter dyed T-shirt has black on white, and he made the label (which doesn't show) using narrow tape. It looks like merle on a dog.

Survivor shame can come from trauma such as bullying or sexual abuse. Healing the shame of child abuse or PTSD requires self-compassion. This usually goes through stages. Here are some techniques for overcoming survivor shame.

Survivor pride involves celebrating life after trauma. Developing it involves resiliency skills. Explore how resilient you are.

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