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Notes for "The Child Who Survived"

Here are the notes for "The Child Who Survived."

"The creative adult is the child who survived after the world tried killing them, making them grown up. The creative adult is the child who survived the blandness of schooling, the unhelpful words of bad teachers, and the nay-saying ways of the world. The creative adult is in essence simply that, a child."
-- Julian F. Fleron

Family bonding is a vital part of healthy relationships. Explore some bonding activities.

Family T-shirts can be bought or made at home.

Size distribution varies somewhat by country, with the majority of sales in Medium and Large throughout most of the world, but in Japan the Small size nearly equals those two. The Finns customarily buy a gross of t-shirts, which is twelve dozen or 144 shirts. T-American "event packages" contain large numbers of shirts in assorted sizes. This one has six dozen shirts in the child half (12 each of infant, toddler, extra-small, small, medium, large) and six dozen in the adult half (12 small, 24 medium, 24 large, 12 extra-large).

Tie-dye patterns come in many styles, from simple to complex. Tie-dye makes a fun summer activity with kids. These instructions are in text for wet vs. dry and quick-and-easy tie-dye. When I was little, friendship shirts (knotted, twisted, braided, etc.) were popular but I couldn't find instructions for them now. :( So here are tips on rope knots, rope twists, and braids in general. Some places have massive collections of patterns including more complicated ones: 16 patterns, 26 patterns, 47 patterns, 65 patterns, and 100 patterns. There is of course some overlap, but they all have some different stuff.

Physics is your friend! Capillary action drives many types of tie-dye. Ombré in particular relies on this. So does ice dyeing, which is pretty easy to do. Dharma Fiber sells a variety of dyes: Firecracker, Deep Orange, Imperial Purple, Raspberry, Citrus Yellow, Forest Green, Glacier Blue used on t-shirt; also Scarlet, Hot Pink, Turquoise, Bright Green.

Most types of fabric dye need to soak in vinegar to set the colors, but others don't. I always soak new-bought tie-dye in vinegar and water before washing, because people don't always bother with that step before selling it.

Other instructions come in visual form. Here are some for tie-dye six ways, basic patterns I, and basic patterns II. See individual instructions for bullseye, heart with rubber band, heart stitched, kaleidoscope, mandala, spiral 6 ways, double double, rainbow spiral, and rainbow stripes.

Chinese tie-dye primarily uses natural dyes such as indigo or woad. Learn how to tie the threads to make pictures and how to handle indigo dye.

This is the traumatagender pride flag.

Traumatagender/Traumatgender/Trautgender/Trauatgender: A gender that varies; it can change a lot, it could be unknown, it could just be there, it could be nonexistent, etc. Whatever it is, it was based from intense trauma. Should only be used by those who have experienced or are going through what they consider intense trauma.
-- Fy

In T-America, this is the traumatasexual pride flag. It resembles police lights seen through raindrops and broken glass

Rain painting is a fun art technique where you put water-soluble paint powder on paper in a tray, then take it outside for water droplets to make patterns.
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