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Wednesday Yardening

Today is warm and mostly sunny.

I fed the birds.  The indigo bunting was out, and robins are all over the new-mown grass hunting for bugs. 

Round One, I trimmed a little brush from the forest garden and planted a 'Ruby Slippers' Solomon's seal there.

EDIT 5/29/19: Round Two, I started trimming brush around the purple-and-white garden to clear space for later planting.  Several of the remaining items are intended to go there.

I have seen a male goldfinch, several mourning doves, a robin, and a brown thrasher at the feeders today.  There are also two gray catbirds.  At first I thought they were a pair, but then they started chasing each other away from the food, so maybe not.  Doug saw a bluejay while out mowing.  \o/

EDIT 5/29/19: Round Three, I trimmed more brush around the purple-and-white garden.  It is more than half done now.  I sprayed weed killer on some of the stubs to discourage regrowth of things like honeysuckle and burdock that won't pull out.
Tags: birdfeeding, gardening, illinois, nature, personal, wildlife
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