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Poem: "Hyggelig"

This is the linkback poem for the May 7, 2019 Poetry Fishbowl. It was originally hosted by [personal profile] dialecticdreamer. It was inspired by a prompt from [personal profile] iamnotgod from my 12-31-18 card for the Untranslatable Words Bingo Fest:
Hyggelig (Danish): A warm friendly cozy demeanor


Knud comes to Hart's Farm
to model for the artists.

He is tall and muscular
with very little fat on his body,
and his blond hair is cut close
to his scalp, making it easy
to see the lines of his form.

His lashes make a row of
gold dust against his cheeks
when his blue eyes flutter closed
as he leans against a pedestal.

The women, and some of the men,
giggle behind their hands as
they watch him pose.

He is that beautiful.

Soon they come to realize
that Knud is that beautiful
inside as well as out, always
generous with his attention
and ready to listen.

Hyggelig, it's called:
a warm friendly personality,
someone cozy to snuggle with.

It's not a trait that they
often find in outsiders,
and they cherish it.

Before long, he has
a dozen lovers and
several dozen friends
all piled around him.

Knud comes to Hart's Farm
to model for the artists, but
he stays for the community.

* * *


Knud (Danish: "kind") -- a man with blue eyes and blond hair cut very short. He is tall and muscular with very little fat. He comes to model for the artists and stays because he loves the community.
Outsider from Denmark. Enthusiastically omniromantic omnisexual. (CL: "Study of the King")
Tags: art, cyberfunded creativity, fantasy, fishbowl, history, poem, poetry, reading, romance, weblit, writing
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