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Notes for "Intelligence Having Fun"

These are the notes for "Intelligence Having Fun."

Devin Ennis -- He has fair skin, blue eyes, and brown hair buzzed short. His heritage is Irish and American. He speaks English and Irish. Devin lives in Omaha, Nebraska where he works as a ceramic artist. He makes a variety of decorative and practical items, mostly with rustic and nature themes, some Celtic.
Qualities: Good (+2) Ceramic Arts, Good (+2) Cheerful, Good (+2) Dexterity, Good (+2) Outgoing, Good (+2) Tactile Learner
Poor (-2) Reading

Cheryl Redfearn -- She has milk chocolate skin, brown eyes, and long straightened black hair. She is the wife of Donnis and mother of four children: a son (7), a daughter (5), a son (3), and a daughter (11 months). They live in Omaha, Nebraska. Cheryl graduated from the Metropolitan Community College with a degree in Office Technology -- Office Professional. She got a good job as a secretary right out of college, and promptly discovered that she hated corporate culture. She had also gotten married shortly after college, and got pregnant about a year after that. Cheryl worked through the pregnancy, but quit when the baby came and has been very happy as a stay-at-home mother ever since. She has taken up volunteering with the Omaha Park Service as a hobby, and her kids love going out to the parks.
Qualities: Good (+2) Extrovert, Good (+2) Mother, Good (+2) Naturalistic Intelligence, Good (+2) Park Volunteer, Good (+2) Stamina
Poor (-2) Coping with Corporate Life

Office Technology – Office Professional (OTOPO)
Award: Associate in applied science degree
Program location: Fort Omaha Campus, South Omaha Campus, Online
English level I 4.5 credits
English level II 4.5 credits
MATH 1220 Business Mathematics 4.5 credits
INFO 1001 Information Systems and Literacy 4.5 credits
HMRL 1010 Human Relations Skills 4.5 credits

INFO 1008 Business Office Communications 4.5 credits
INFO 1012 Records Management 4.5 credits
INFO 1013 Keyboard Skillbuilding 2.0 credits
INFO 1211 Microsoft Word 4.5 credits
INFO 1212 Spreadsheets 4.5 credits
INFO 1213 Database Fundamentals 4.5 credits
INFO 1214 Business Presentations and Publications 4.5 credits
INFO 1215 Document Processing 4.5 credits
INFO 1219 Professional Practices 4.5 credits
INFO 2242 Business Office Collaboration Technology 4.5 credits
INFO 2260 Workplace Technologies 4.5 credits
INFO 2948 Office Professional Capstone 5.0 credits
INFO 2981 Internship variable credits
INFO 1010 Customer Service Skills 4.5 credits
INFO 1317 WordPress Office Professional 4.5 credits
Select two courses from the following:
BSAD 1000 Introduction to Business 4.5 credits
BSAD 1250 Introduction to Not-for-Profit Management 4.5 credits

* * *

Creativity Is Intelligence Having Fun

This page leads to a map of Omaha parks.

In Terramagne-America, the Northwest Park Site of Levi Carter Park includes a family amusement park with adult and youth sections, a marina, and a radio station that gives lessons on ham radio operation.

Carter Lake is an old oxbow lake of the Missouri River and is now an urban lake shared by two different cities (Omaha, Nebraska and Carter Lake, Iowa), in two counties (Douglas and Pottawattamie) and two states (Nebraska and Iowa). The City of Carter Lake, Iowa lies completely within the concave portion of the lake and the City of Omaha and Levi Carter Park surrounds the lake on its convex side.
The Carter Lake Preservation Society, Inc. is an Iowa non-profit corporation formed as a result of community action and commitment to improving the Carter Lakewatershed. The lake has never had a single, shared voice of advocacy. Carter Lake Preservation Society (CLPS) was formed to be a single shared voice of advocacy for the lake and to speak with energy and commitment necessary to find solutions to the impairments that affect the Carter Lake watershed.
The Carter Lake Preservation Society has been designated as a public charity and a 501 (c) (3) exempt organization by the IRS

See an aerial view of Carter Lake in Levi Carter Park. A view from the shore overlooks the lake. A large savannah provides open, partly shady space for activities. In T-America, the Levi Carter Pond Conservation Area protects dabbling ducks and other wildlife. The photo shows three wood ducks. Here is a mother wood duck with her ducklings. You can buy or build a house for wood ducks. They're cavity nesters but can't make their own nest hole, so they rely on woodpeckers or other species to do it for them, making them very vulnerable to habitat loss. Funny thing about wood ducks: the ducklings need to fall at least a few feet into water or onto a leafy forest floor in order to jump-start their metabolism, so if you raise them in an incubator, you actually have to drop them into the brood box or they tend to die on you. In the wild, sometimes it's higher. Here is one end of the Horseshoe Pool with more ducks of assorted species.

See the Levi Carter Park Pavilion. The T-American version includes a kitchen, plus heat and cooling if you pay extra for the power use. Nearby is a permanent building with restrooms for men, women, family, and two single dotties flanking the family one. The family restroom includes a bathtub/shower and the dotties include a shower stall. Historic bathhouses nearby have also been restored.

The Sidewalk Art Festival includes a variety of vendors.

Mobile food vendors also come to the park for events. A sandwich pushcart sells picnic sandwiches including garden tuna salad. A bicycle cart sells salads including fruit salad and cucumber-watermelon salad. The Solar Smoothies cart run by engineers has a variety of offerings such as strawberry & goji berry. Another bicycle cart sells desserts including the chocolate truffle cupcakes.

Shiv sees a lot of sidewalk art. "Life Is a Lot Like Jazz" is in the quotes section. The Starry Night appears in the reproductions section. Read about the original painting. The rose shows up in the realistic section. Shiv's swirly tree belongs in the stylized section. Here is an example from the abstract section.

2015 April movies included Freetown.

The Westmoreland Arts and Music Festival appears in "If You Have Almost Nothing."

Cooking for Engineers offers many interesting recipes with very meticulous steps.

Sidewalk chalk can be used for many purposes. You can buy a bulk package with multiple sticks of a few colors, or an artist set with many more colors. Crayola offers packs of 4, 12, 24, 48, and 64 colors, of which Shiv wins a set of 48. They offer kits such as the Sidewalk Studio, Sidewalk Art and Games, and Spiral Art. You can also make your own. Here are some fun ideas with sidewalk chalk.

Good books include Chalk Art and Lettering, Sidewalk Canvas and Sidewalk Chalk: Poems of the City. Shiv picks up the lettering book. There are online tutorials and tips for learning how to draw with sidewalk chalk.

Copying master paintings is a traditional exercise in art classes. L-America does it less often now, but it remains quite popular in T-America. To distinguish the copy from the original, students often use a different medium (in this case, translating oil paintings to chalk), a different size, or make whimsical changes. The Mona Lisa is among the most popular paintings to spoof; enjoy a lesson plan for that.

Drawing live animals can be challenging but rewarding. Use geometric shapes to create animals, including ducklings. It helps to know animal anatomy. Sketching at the zoo teaches you how to draw realistic animals that leap off the page. You may need practice to sketch moving subjects. Learn how to draw ducks and ducklings. Shiv shows an interest in drawing animals, including from live models.
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