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Notes for "Provisions for Parent Education"

These are the notes for "Provisions for Parent Education."

"Attitudes growing out of frustration have caused gifted children to be classified as delinquents and social maladjusted cases. There is need for careful systematic identification in all schools. Daydreaming on the part of a child, although considered a symptom of maladjustment, is really a tension reducing mechanism. Likewise, aggressiveness, lying, and stealing are attempts to reduce tension. Furthermore, in so far as a study of children will help, it is far wiser to prevent problems from becoming acute than to introduce clinical aid and other external correctives into the educational program after the problem child has become a truant or delinquent. Equality of opportunity demands that each child be given the type of education which best meets his needs and capacities. This principle is violated when a gifted child is forced to accept an education which does not take into consideration his superior ability and give him an opportunity to develop it. The administration should be responsible for instructing the principal and teachers that pupils should never be threatened with transfer to a special class. The plans of the administrator must include provisions for parent education so that the program becomes one of teamwork toward common goals. It is the legal responsibility of the state and the local district to furnish this program. If the responsibility of the state and local district is interpreted as merely permissive, there may be neglect and denial of opportunity to many children unless vigorous leadership is supplemented with adequate financial support."
The Education of Exceptional Children 49th Yearbook, Part II, The National Society for the Study of Education, 1950

Mind-mapping is a type of visual note-taking.

Omaha public schools seem to have a better elementary gifted program with expansion options, compared to Lincoln. They also offer many types of acceleration, which would help.

Among private schools, Brownell Talbot is rich and exemplary, but doesn't seem to be diverse. That's probably a terrible cultural match. It does have an extended care program. See the exterior.

Montessori Elementary School of Omaha goes up to Grade 6. It offers ideas on implementing Montessori methods at home.

Here are some introductory and advanced Montessori books.

Consider the top 10 Montessori principles.

Explore parent education.

Enjoy some healthy soul food recipes.

Blues Moon is serving Vanilla Fruit Dip, Pimento Cheese Dip, Sticky Ribs, Smoked Turkey Collard Greens, Okra & Red Pepper Cornbread, Lemon Dream Pie, and Meyer lemonade.

The California Meyer lemon season begins right at the start of citrus season in November. It lasts all the way through the season into May. There may be brief interruptions based on weather conditions or other situations. Generally you can find them any day between November and May. We are also starting to see more imported fruit during the summer months from places like New Zealand. This has practically made their season year around. In my experience June and October tend to be the months in which they are more difficult to find.

47 Lincoln, NE 62.3
133 Omaha, NE 40.8

Omaha is the best Nebraska city for the arts, followed by Lincoln.

Check out the Omaha Pedalers Bike Club. Mode Shift Omaha spans multiple transportation types.

[SHAKA APPS, $0.99]
Jazz’s musical vocabulary is large and complex enough on its own. With the effort it takes to learn that, it’s easy to overlook absorbing the equally extensive verbal vocabulary that goes with it-particularly when so much of that verbal vocabulary is rendered in Italian. (Giocoso? What’s that?) iMusic Dictionary is exactly what it says it is: a full dictionary of those musical terms, from “A 2” to “zurückhaltend.” The app currently comprises a database of more than 1,400 terms, searchable and continuously updated, defined in concise and simple wording. That includes not only the theoretical terms you find marking your textbooks and sheet music but also the names of obscure instruments (“uilleann pipes”), slang terms (“bird’s eye”), musical styles (“punk rock”) and the occasional odd historical reference (“Council of Trent”). You can mark favorites for reference, or suggest a term for the next round of updates. There are alternatives: Another highly rated dictionary app, Musictionary, contains far fewer terms (about 500), but defines them in greater depth and sometimes with images.

DMEP might just as well be called “Jazzing With the Stars.” It’s an archive of audio and video clips that features more than 160 acclaimed musicians, including such gigantic figures as Ornette Coleman, Dave Brubeck and Wynton Marsalis. On the audio front, they contribute short clips in which they discuss their own musical and artistic influences-with important tunes by those influential figures available for listening-and give advice for players of their instruments. (The advice clips are categorized by instrument, with additional categories for composers and miscellaneous musicians like vibraphonist Bobby Hutcherson and clarinetist Anat Cohen.) The video section is where the meat is: It features 88 professionally shot videos of performances, master classes and question-and-answer sessions held at the Monterey Jazz Festival and ancillary events (including MJF’s Summer Jazz Camp). There is one major caveat here. In the app, the camp content is somewhat misleadingly titled “Master Class Videos”; in fact, about 3/4 of the videos available are of performances by high-school or college ensembles. Still, unless you have the musicians’ home numbers, DMEP is as close as your phone can take you to getting a jazz education straight from the horse’s mouth.

Look for suitable baby foods at a restaurant. It's not rare for T-American restaurants to have a baby food mill to puree solid foods on request, although they usually have at least a few items (such as applesauce or mashed potatoes) that are already suitable in texture.
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