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Notes for "Made Anew in a Heartbeat"

Here are the notes for "Made Anew in a Heartbeat."

"Things could change so entirely, in a heartbeat; the world could be made entirely anew, because someone was kind."
-- Jo Baker

This is Shiv's attic bedroom when he stayed with Mrs. Clementine. You can see hints of it in both his apartment over Blues Moon and his attic room in Tolli and Simon's house.

Geography is a popular category in Montessori toys and tools. The puzzle map of world parts has both labeled and unlabeled control maps along with a transparent circle for tracing. Terramagne-America also offers paper circles on which the puzzle parts can be traced. Colored pencils and holders are good for drawing, tracing, and coloring. This allows children to work with the material in many different ways.

"Risk Everything for Family" Part 8 of 14 by [personal profile] dialecticdreamer
By the time the boy returned, he found all of the visitors in the great room, either in chairs or sitting on ottomans, or, in three cases, sprawled on the floor outside the tent, quietly introducing themselves. Edison held out a cloth doll with embroidered eyes and a small pink line for a mouth. “When I'm scared, I like to hug Michelle. That's a girl's name in English, but a boy's name in French. If you hug thon, put the chest next to your ear, and you can hear my Mummy's heartbeat.” He demonstrated, smiling softly at the recording activated by the pressure sensor.

Waldorf heavy dolls are weighted with millet and lavender. In T-America, these often have a heartbeat device inside them. This is Edison's doll Michelle. This is Shiv's heartbeat doll. Despite having very pale skin, Shiv likes African-American toned dolls -- probably from the Wright family.

Shiv's Waldorf dress-up doll is the one in the striped sweater, in front of the Finn family doll basket. Doll clothes may be sewn or knitted. To make the pants with no-sew fleece, use glue to close the seams, except leave the back seam open. Put snaps or velcro dots at the waist corners to fasten the pants.

Here are some patterns for what's called a towel doll, blanket doll, or lovey. This is Shiv's Waldorf blanket doll. I could not find a pattern for this type of doll, but basically it is just a towel knotted at each corner with a doll head attached to the center of one side. L-America typically sews the head in place. T-America attaches it with a screw neck so you can detach the head and wash the towel part.

This is the green doll. There are a few crayon dolls in T-America, but not a lot.

Here is the mermaid doll. Learn how to make one. Doll hair can be done in many different ways: dreadlocks, short, or long with a center part (page 1, page 2, page 3). Some dolls have crayon hair.

Waldorf dolls come in different styles for different stages of child development. There are instructions for making a heavy doll in the Waldorf way or adding weight to a commercial doll. You can also make a bunting doll.

Making a regular Waldorf doll is more complex. This post shows how to make the head, and then the finished doll with arms and legs. Read about how to make the whole body. This series explains about the head, supplies, pattern, putting it together, facial embroidery, attaching hair, belly button, and bum. You can buy supplies and kits for making Waldorf dolls.

This bunting doll pattern includes the arms and body as a single unit made from two identical pieces of cloth. It gives you a bunting doll with both beanie arms and beanie body. If you want solid hands, stuff the ends of the arms with a filler such as wool, tie off the wrist with thread, then fill the rest of the arms and body with your beanie material.

If you want to make a bunting doll with stuffed arms, you can use the instructions for the full-body doll to make the head, neck, and arms. The body pattern for a bunting doll is basically just a sack, which you can make separately and then attach to the neck of the doll. This works great if you want to include a rattle or a speaker, because you can fasten that securely to the solid neck of the doll so it stays put. Then fill the bunting sack with your beanie material.

If you want more detailed hands than a round ball, the best approach for this type of soft doll is to use a mitten hand pattern. You can either leave it with just a thumb and the finger paddle, or you can separate the fingers by drawing or embroidering lines between them. The arm itself can be filled with stuffing or beanie material.

In T-America, the five basic colors for skin-tone products are pale, fair, medium, dark, and deep. Stores that carry Waldorf dolls for ordinary consumers customarily stock all of these, though they may have more variety in their most popular color(s). A full range of ten tones is available via special order: alabaster, bisque, peach, amber, buff, olive, toffee, terra cotta, mahogany, and ebony. Stores that serve a therapy market often have the whole set. You can also buy blank Waldorf doll bodies in a range of skin tones.

You can use many different materials to weight a doll. Popular choices include poly pellets, glass beads, and sand. Many seeds and hulls used to make hot packs will also work for dolls.

Aromatherapy herbs or scented oils make the weighted material smell pleasant. Some, such as lavender, have a soothing effect as well.

Babywearing benefits from a carrier, such as a ring sling. Read some reviews and a comparison chart. You can also make your own. This video shows different ways to wear a ring sling. These positions suit different ages of child. This is Elisabeth's green Celtic knotwork ring sling.

Read about the sympathetic vs. parasympathic systems.

Make a rag doll bunny.

See Shiv's brown messenger bag closed and open. Learn how to make it.

The Red Cross offers comprehensive classes in babysitting, child care, and infant/child first aid including CPR. Check out the basic and advanced classes. Here is a babysitter guide to first aid, a training handbook, and an emergency reference guide. However, that's not usually where people start. Most folks begin with a simple afternoon class that covers common complaints such as scrapes and bruises. L-America rarely bothers to print certifications for that. T-America does so more often, and it's colloquially called a booboo card. Grade school children can learn this easily; sometimes younger children can. Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, and Activity Scouts all have first aid badges too.
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