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Location and content notes for "The Hobo King"

These are the location and content notes for "The Hobo King."

Read about hitchhiking and train jumping.

Here is a list of rail yards in the United States. The Local-American Rennix Yard is Terramagne-American High Wheeler Yard. This is a trainyard in Terramagne-Denver where several railroads cross, including routes traveled by Union Pacific and Burlington Northern Santa Fe. Terramagne-America has a much better rail system than local-America does, so T-Colorado has all the expansions shown on the proposed rail system. They have less traffic from coal trains, though, due to greater reliance on green energy. The hobo camp in the High Wheeler has tents and firepits.

In T-America, the old Castle Air Force Base has been converted to the Castle Civil Defense Base geared toward disaster response. Their resources include Aerial Firefighting Units, Earthquake Response Units, and Flood and Landslide Response Units.

Mercedes has received disaster supplies including emergency tents, each stocked with two each of cots, foam mattresses, pillows, and blankets.

Geodesic domes can be erected quickly and offer resistance against disasters. They can be connected to house larger groups. See floor plans for single and double domes.

In T-America, railroad security guards watch for trouble and make sure that people are generally following the rules negotiated between hobos, graffiti artists, and the railroad companies. The relationship is wary but not openly hostile in most places -- although some are notably better than others.

Bull (2) - A railroad security guard who patrols the railyards. In the old days, they would normally just evict hobos. Nowadays they are more likely to escort hobos directly to jail.

"Square" or "Square John" means someone not a hobo.

Sidewalk chalk can be used for many purposes. It is designed to mark on solid, relatively smooth surfaces such as concrete, asphalt, or brick. You can buy a bulk package with multiple sticks of a few colors, or an artist set with many more colors. You can also make your own.

Spray chalk and other marking supplies can draw lines on grass, dirt, or other uneven surfaces.

Hobos use symbols to communicate important messages. A cat means "kindhearted lady." Two shovels stand for "work available." There will be work all over the West Coast for years. A train engine shows where you can catch a ride out.

T-America handles first responders with much more care than L-America does, which lowers their rate of burnout, suicide, and other problems. This page explains the hot/warm/cold zone system for support crew such as medics and chaplains. A staging area provides a place to gather people and resources before the raid goes active, and allows them to evacuate casualties to a medical station. Trauma risk management aims to lower the risk of PTSD by providing education and Emotional First Aid. In this case, first responders exposed to the most severe risk factors get pulled out of the hot zone (places like the ruins of Rain City) and transported to a cold zone (like the staging area in Mercedes). If they recover, they can go back to work; if not, they can be shipped farther east. Minor injuries and ordinary exhaustion are just moved to a warm zone (like the relief stations scattered throughout the damaged cities) because they don't need much recovery time before going back to work. This way, they won't burn through all their first responders in a few weeks; most of the workers will be able to continue over the long term.  This post has advice for emergency workers in disaster situations.

In local-America, Hobo King and Hobo Queen are slightly different titles of acclaim bestowed at the Hobo Convention in Britt, Iowa. Because Terramagne-America has a more active hobo community, the parameters differ and remain closer to historic traditions. Hobos will pour into any area that suddenly has a lot of work available. In T-America, that means many of them gravitate to disaster areas where they can pitch tents, cook beans, join a chainsaw crew, and otherwise pitch in for months. Whoever winds up as the natural leader in that group of hobos gets dubbed the Hobo King (if masculine; or Queen if feminine, or Crown if nonbinary). This is often done by the hobo community itself, but occasionally an outsider will give authority to a particular hobo, and if other hobos agree then they can affirm the appointment, which is what happened with Viridian kinging Camo Dan. The crown is customarily cut from a coffee can; the vest is labeled for the convenience of outsiders.

Emergency supplies are essential in earthquake areas. Soup to Nuts stocks emergency supplies because they're first responders. Field command vests identify people in charge of various tasks. Some titles are standardized but the vests can also be customized. Yellow vests are for Logistics, the section responsible for things like supplies and facilities.

Lambs - An inexperienced young men or road kids.

Bread line - A line of persons waiting for food to be given out as a charity.

Mr. Yue is serving up Chicken Fried Rice, Asian Black Beans, and Vegetarian Spring Rolls this time

Flop - To sleep or a place to sleep. To prone the body.

Congee is a rice porridge or soup, often served for breakfast in China. Popular toppings include chicken, egg, tofu, green onions, peanuts, soy sauce, or chili oil.

San Jose and Santa Cruz Forests
Coastal redwood trees (sequoia sempervirens) grow in a narrow band on the hills a few miles inland from the Pacific Ocean, over much of the western USA coast from Oregon as far south as Salmon Creek Canyon in the Santa Lucia Mountains east of Big Sur. In California, the largest trees, and the most famous locations, are quite far north (Redwood National Park, Humboldt Redwoods), but many extensive groves are found around San Francisco Bay, both in Marin County to the north, at Mount Tamalpais and Muir Woods, and in the south, where the steep-sided mountains between San Jose and Santa Cruz are covered by dense redwood forests stretching over 30 miles.
Only two main roads penetrate the Santa Cruz Mountains south of Silicon Valley; the quickest is Highway 17, the principal route from San Jose to Santa Cruz. The other, which reaches the Big Basin Redwoods, is Highway 9, also starting from Santa Cruz then heading up the narrow, winding San Lorenzo River valley before climbing over a ridge, across the San Andreas Rift Zone and descending into the San Jose suburbs at Saratoga

A foldable wheelchair ramp makes more places accessible. In a disaster area, ramps and boards can get people over rough spots without needing a stretcher. These are relatively easy to build.

Camo Dan's personal sign is a D with a wavy diagonal line from the top corner downward to suggest camouflage. Drawing a crown above it invokes his authority as a Hobo King. This tells people that the tattoo is a valid hobo marker, not something chosen off a flash wall by some square who didn't know any better.
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