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Sunday Yardening

Yesterday we did a lot of yardwork, but I couldn't get on the computer.

We started with a walkaround of the yard and then I sprayed weed killer on poison ivy.

I planted four 4-packs of marigolds in the septic garden and the prairie garden.

We picked up sticks along the driveway and street, which Doug then mowed. 

I also put a lot of flowers in pots -- moss rose and million bells in hanging pots by the barrel garden, petunias and torenia and other stuff mostly in ceramic pots on the picnic table.

I saw a fledgling cardinal, all reddish-brown feathers and stubby tail, but the crest was already grown in.  :D

* * * 

Today is sunny and warm.

Round One, I planted the center of the barrel garden with a firecracker plant, a yellow-and-orange lantana, two different million bells (one variegated peach and orange, one double pink-and-white), and some assorted salvias. 

EDIT 5/26/19: Round Two, we picked up sticks near the eastern edge of the yard and along the house.

EDIT 5/26/19: Round Three, I potted up the last of the 4-packs, clearing the first flat -- that was gazania, which I combined with taller flowers.  I also put 6 petunias in a trough pot, varying shades of yellow to pink.  They look fantastic already as they are in full bloom.

EDIT 5/26/19: Round Four, I emptied a second flat.  The last of these were purple-and-yellow torenia and petunia, and a second pot of mixed flowers.

EDIT 5/26/19: Round Five, I emptied a third flat. There was some more torenia, lobelia, and another lantana in this one. \o/

That leaves four flats for future planting.

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