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Today's Adventures

We went up to visit my parents today. 

We took a crockpot cookbook to mark recipes in the car.  Didn't find one worth cooking, so that book will be dispensed elsewhere to free up the shelf space.  This is a good technique if you have lots of cookbooks.

My parents took us to Danville Gardens and bought us a ton of plants.  That's about 7 flats of pots, a few extra gallon pots that wouldn't fit in the boxes, and a tricolor beech sapling in an even bigger pot.  I also got a blue ceramic pot with a horse and rider marked on it in glaze-resist that looks rather like the Chalk Horse.  :D

Customarily I shop by looking at everything first, then deciding.  This is not optimum in a hot greenhouse.  Last year I only filled about half the cart before I conked out, which made Mom and Dad kind of sad.  So this year I tried a new strategy: I grabbed some of everything that looked halfway appealing.  I certainly crammed the cart full this time!  By the time I got to the back building with the multipacks, I managed to fit in a few, but I had neither cart space nor energy to continue -- didn't finish that building or get anywhere near outside, just said "Enough is plenty."  But the total bill was higher than I was really comfortable with, even though I wasn't paying.  Next year I may try a different approach.  I am really looking forward to planting all this stuff, though.  

For supper, we went to a Mexican restaurant.  Then we decided to visit El Oasis for dessert on the way home.  We got the blackberry and cheese ice cream, which was quite excellent.  They have a new spicy chocolate too.

Last, we picked up a few groceries on the ride home, but the main shopping will be another time.

I'm tired, but it's been a good day.  :D
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