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Against Preventative Care

Here's a brilliant essay against the overuse of preventative care. It's a great idea -- as long as the patient is the decider. This is often not the case. Doctors routinely bully, blackmail, and outright force people to do things against their will. The first question I ask when I notice an issue is: How much damage would I have to take after asking a professional about this, before they agreed to do anything that even MIGHT be useful? Often it's more than I'm willing or able to tolerate.

However, I am really happy to see someone else noticing that there are medical conditions which kill quickly and cleanly, and these are just fine ways to die. I once had a doctor try to scare me with heart disease as a "silent killer." I said, "Okay, silent implies little or no warning. If that happened, I might drop dead suddenly, or get sick and die very quickly." "Yes." "What's not to like?" *doctor dropped brain* "I mean, that's an easy death. As opposed to things like cancer, which you can't fix and are horrible to die from slowly. You're making people avoid a good death to run them into a very bad one. That is the opposite of help." I think I dented him a bit. You have to consider the quality of life and the quality of death -- not just pleasing some authority or making money for people who hurt you.

It's no accident that the Gift of Númenor was the ability to choose one's time of death. Talk about an awesome superpower.
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