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Notes for "Comfort Always"

Here are the notes for "Comfort Always."

Charli Dobbs -- She has pinkish-fair skin, hazel eyes, and long wavy blonde hair. She is a centaur with a sorrel pinto coat, mostly white with chestnut spots and a blonde tail. Charli is 15 years old. She was 12 when she got caught up in human trafficking through the internet, and 13 when her pimp sold her to Carl Bernhardt. Before her capture, she was a trendsetter in junior high. Bold and adventurous, Charli never hesitates to try something new, which sometimes gets her in trouble.
Origin: Mad science torture. Carl Bernhardt cut her in half and spliced her upper body to the lower body of an American Paint Horse mare.
Uniform: None. She is kept nude.
Qualities: Good (+2) Adventurous, Good (+2) Agility, Good (+2) Trendsetter, Good (+2) Visual-Spatial Intelligence
Poor (-2) Thinking Ahead
Powers: Good (+2) Super-Constitution, Average (0) Centaur, Average (0) Super-Speed
Centaurs are stronger and faster than ordinary humans. Most of the surviving centaurs have an additional superpower which helped them to withstand the trauma of their creation. The more common ones include Healing, Regeneration, Toughness, Super-Constitution, and Super-Immunity. Some of them also have Super-Strength or Super-Speed, and they are stronger or faster than other centaurs.
Vulnerability: Low blood sugar.
Due to Carl Bernhardt's erratic practices, centaurs also tend to have physical problems. In Charli's case, she has a ravenous appetite and quickly suffers from low blood sugar if she doesn't get enough to eat.
Motivation: Run and find out.

Variegated patterns collectively known as pinto appear in several breeds including the American Paint Horse. The latter is popular for sports such as barrel racing due to its speed and agility.

The internet has become a major source of human trafficking. Carl Bernhardt preferred to purchase victims from procurers who hunted those unlikely to be missed.

Frank Harris -- He has pinkish-fair skin, brown eyes, and short dark hair with a mustache and beard. He is sturdy with a round face and wiry muscles. He wears glasses. Frank is married with a husband and two kids. They live on a small farm just outside of Ava, Missouri where he runs Frank's Farm and Home Store. He enjoys connecting with other people in the community. He can read tolerably well, but he learns much better from hands-on experience or other people than from books or theory. Frank loves all kinds of outdoor activities.
Qualities: Good (+2) Community Spirit, Good (+2) Farm Store Owner, Good (+2) Interpersonal Intelligence, Good (+2) Outdoorsy Skills, Good (+2) Strength
Poor (-2) Book-Learning

* * *

"Cure sometimes, treat often, comfort always."
-- Hippocrates

An average (15 hands tall) horse can be comfortable in a 10' x 12' or even a 10' x 10' stall. An inside width of 6' (a trailer quoted as having a 6' width may vary by a few inches) with a height of 7' (square sided roof rather than rounded), and a total stall length of 10', will fit a horse from about 14 hands up to about 16 hands.

The large Temper Tent measures 20' x 32' and will fit six centaurs comfortably or twelve snugly.

The medium Wall Tent measures 13' x 16' with 5' walls and 8' peak. This tent will fit two centaurs comfortably or three snugly. It also works for two centaurs and several humans working together.

The small Hunting Tent measures 8' x 10' with 4' straight walls and 8' peak.
This would fit one centaur comfortably or two snugly. It also works for one centaur and one or two humans working together.

Frank's Farm and Home Store stands near Ava, Missouri. It sells feed and seed, saddle blankets, and other supplies. Stall dividers may be modular for versatile configuration. This set offers all solid, 2/3 solid, and 1/2 solid panels so the centaurs can choose more open or more protected walls. A stall name tag may be painted or carved with the occupant's name and hung from the bars or wall.

The large first aid station comes on a cart and is meant for a herd of 11-18 horses; Frank brought one of those. The medium first aid kit comes in a bag and is meant for a herd of 4-10 horses; Frank brought two of those. That's enough to take care of the equine parts of the rescued centaurs. Horses have somewhat different medical needs than humans, so the paramedics were making do with what they had and are very grateful for the expanded options.

Stall mats come in various styles and materials. EquineFlex is a reclaimed rubber mat with a pebbled surface, tough and affordable.

Horse grooming is essential for good care. The lower half of a centaur has similar requirements. Learn how to groom a horse. Grooming kits come in natural or synthetic options. Frank brought a bunch of different kits so that people could choose their own. There probably aren't enough to go around, but it's a good start, especially if they spread out one or two items per person.

Hoof care products include conditioners. Hoof polish comes in various colors and makes hooves stand out.

There are activity and puzzle books for adults and tweens/teens. These are more popular in T-America than here, so many places carry at least a few of them.

Horse whips come in assorted styles. The longer and narrow they are, the more prone to cutting. The dogging bat style is nearly hand-wide and produces a tap with a fairly loud sound, meant to signal rather than hurt. For this reason it is very popular as a kink toy.

This modular furniture set consists of wooden cubes, each with a groove around the outside, a cross-shaped depression on the top, and a matching cross-foot on the bottom. The groove makes it possible to strap a seat cushion or other things to the top. The cross shapes lock the top and bottom of adjacent cubes together. Assorted drawers, baskets, and other organizers may be inserted into the middle of a cube. Many packing crates have similar features allowing them to be stacked securely together.

Centaur furniture has some different shapes compared to humanoid furniture. See examples of an ottoman and a sofa.

This color wheel shows which colors of fabric look better with which colors of horse.

Cornrow braiding patterns can be simple or elaborate. Learn how to braid cornrows. This requires sectioning the hair, so you need either clips or extra hands. In black culture, braiding expresses affection and intimacy. Slavery left a deep imprint on African-American hairstyles. Some black people really don't want their hair touched (by white people, or by any other person) while others are more open about it. So it took a minute for Harriet to realize that if Bert was forgetting about Ansel's skin tone enough to try using him as a human hair clip, Ansel probably wasn't the kind of white dude to be a jerk about about a black girl's hair. This is still a fraught issue in T-America, but they're farther along cultural reconciliation, so you do see more mixed-race groups with their hands in each other's hair. It's just polite to ask first.
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