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Tuesday Yardening

Today is mild and overcast.

I fed the birds.  This morning there was a male goldfinch on the hopper feeder.  I've also seen several grackles, sparrows, mourning doves, and a pair of brown thrashers.

Round one, we walked around the prairie garden deciding what paths and other parts to mow.  Then I cut brush from around where the mower used to rest, raked the bare patch of dirt there, and threw grass seed over it.

A previous patch near the telephone pole has the clover sprouting, but not the grass yet.  The first patch near the patio has quite a bit of new grass.  Some that I planted last year has taken hold in other places.  \o/ 

EDIT 5/14/19: Round Two, I planted milkweed, zinnia, and sunflower seeds in part of the prairie garden that was just mowed.

EDIT 5/14/19: Round Three, I pulled weeds, raked, and then sowed grass seed in a patch by the forest garden, trying to shrink the weedy area there.
Tags: birdfeeding, gardening, illinois, nature, personal, wildlife
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