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Today's Adventures

We went up to the Native Plant Sale in Urbana today.  It was nearly a bust.  Two hours before closing, almost everything was gone.  I did get a flat of plants from Grand Prairie Friends, just not as much variety as usual.  Plus one Solomon's seal, one bellwort, and one yellow violet from the lady selling woodland flowers. The last of the herbs were marked down to $1/pot though, so that was a great bargain -- I got another flat of those.  

For lunch we stopped at Maize, their new full-size restaurant.  We split a queso fundido appetizer, which is basically a skillet of melted cheese with stuff in it, zucchini blossoms and mushrooms in this case.  I got a chicken soft taco -- in which the cheese had been similarly skilletted and then scraped onto the tortilla before adding the chicken.  *drool, slobber*  Used to be they just put grated cheese on top like everyone else. But what I used to do was put some of the fundido cheese on my taco, and now I don't have to, it just comes that way.  :D
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