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Friday Yardening

Today is cloudy, mild, and calm.

I fed the birds.  Grackles are out.  There was a rabbit under the feeders this morning.  I saw a male cardinal poking around the in the mowed grass like the robins do.  So I have seed-eaters eating insects and insect-eaters eating seeds.  LOL nature.

I planted morning glories and moonflowers in the barrel garden and around the support wire for the telephone pole.  Then I trimmed grass around the pole where the Asian lilies grow. 

Nannyberry is blooming.  So are the lilies of the valley by the house.  One of the phlox plants I put in the forest garden is blooming pink.  The other one is barely clinging to survival -- the ground may be too wet for it.

EDIT 5/10/19: Round Two, I dug up some comfrey from the wildflower garden and planted it around an oak sapling.

EDIT 5/10/19: Round Three, I dug up more comfrey and planted it around an ash tree.  There's one more big bunch to dig up.

EDIT 5/10/19: Round Four, I dug up the last of the comfrey from the wildflower garden and moved it to the ash tree.  *gasp pant wheeze* That was a LOT of work.
Tags: birdfeeding, gardening, illinois, nature, personal, wildlife
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