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The World as Inspiration

Here's a good essay on the world as inspiration.

To be a creative person, you need experiences.  You need them like a cook needs a spice rack.  We probably have about a hundred bottles of stuff in our kitchen, from simples to blends.  I never stop exploring -- the recent discoveries of Nord Spices and grains of paradise are new favorites.  So go do things.  Go watch a dance, listen to a concert, take a hike, shop at a street fair.  Visit ethnic neighborhoods and meet different people.

Many of my experiences have worked their way into poems.  Fishing.  Crawling into a hollow tree.  Mexico City.  Tblisi.  Yellowstone.  How big  a bison is, how presiding, how godlike as it rises out of a pond to wander across the road.  That time a bird landed on my head and sang songs before flying away.  The way that people who can't read well will ask me, in particular, to read things for them because apparently the Universe never turned off my 'Public Scribe' sign.  Watching people make fudge, saltwater taffy, horseshoes, glass.

And you, my readers, you bring me your  experiences too and I weave them into my work.  Things you've seen, places you've been, castles and misty valleys and high deserts, kind people, rude people, all these little pieces that are the same and different than what I've encountered on my own.  I am large; I contain multitudes; you are some of me, and through you I am more of me.

If you want inspiration, go do  stuff.  The rest will take care of itself.
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