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Monday Yardening

Today is warm, mostly sunny, and calm.  

We bought a pot and flowers for Mom for Mother's Day.  :D  I have assembled that pot.  

I still have leftover flowers (petunias and coleus) to pot up for myself, and fill dirt to put in a hollow of the yard.

EDIT 5/6/19: Round Two, I filled the dirt hollow and put grass seed over it.

There are lilies of the valley blooming along the north side of the house!  Where I had planted some long ago, but I don't remember doing it recently and they didn't last there.  Also some of these are several feet from the house, not all tucked closely against it -- farther away than I think I would have planted.  But hey: flowers!  :D  Clove currants are blooming in the streetside yard, too.
Tags: gardening, illinois, nature, personal
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