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Poem: "Block Shedding"

This poem is spillover from the February 5, 2019 Poetry Fishbowl. It was inspired by prompts from [personal profile] wispfox, [personal profile] gingicat, and [personal profile] lone_cat. It also fills the "meal" square in my 2-5-19 card for the [community profile] fluffbingo  fest, and the "partying with someone" square in my 9-5-18 Kind and Soft card for the 1000 Words or Less Bingo fest. This poem is posted as barter for [personal profile] fuzzyred updating the Antimatter and Stalwart Stan thread, to which it belongs.

"Block Shedding"

[Monday, September 1, 2014]

Despite having made their own choices,
Stan and Jayce were a little mopey
as football season approached.

"This is ridiculous," Lawrence said
as they sighed over the lunch table.
"If you miss football, go do some football.
Pick up a game in the park, throw a party,
whatever jocks enjoy doing with it."

Stan and Jayce looked at each other.

"It's the first Monday," Jayce said.
"We've got all week to plan."

"Sunday will be a big game day,"
Stan said. "We could do a party
at my place, my folks won't mind --
if you don't mind three little girls
crawling all over us now and again."

"No problem," Jayce said, grinning.

"We'll need to organize snacks,"
Lawrence said. "No point having
everyone bring the same thing."

Stan's eyebrows went up.
"You're willing to come to
a football party with me?"

"I love you, so yes,"
Lawrence said. "I'm sure
I'll find something to do."

Jayce snickered until Stan
bonked her on the shoulder.

[Sunday, September 7, 2014]

Game day dawned crisp and beautiful.

The whole house bustled with cooking
all morning in anticipation of afternoon.

Soon everyone arrived and piled
their offerings on the coffee table
in the middle of the great room.

Stan had brought trash can nachos,
stuffed avocados, and no-bake brownies.

Lawrence had made crispy zucchini fries,
chili popcorn, and sun-dried tomato hummus
with three different kinds of homemade chips.

Jayce showed up with Hawaiian roll sliders,
rainbow fruit skewers with yogurt sauce,
and chocolate-covered strawberries
decorated to look like footballs.

"I'm learning to cook!" she crowed.
"I had no idea it would be so much fun.
Look at the strawberry footballs, they're so cute!"

"They are adorable," Stan said, and popped
one into his mouth. "Also delicious."

They curled up on the couch together
and watched the football game begin.

Stan's sisters rambled in and out
of the room. Sloane plunked herself
on the couch, but the other two
wandered off in short order.

"Love the strawberry footballs,"
she said. "These are awesome."

"Jayce made them," Stan said.
"She's learning to cook."

"I like your trash can nachos,"
Lawrence said. "They look
a lot harder than they really are."

Stan and Jayce heckled the screen
with good-natured criticism.

Lawrence watched silently,
frowning over the game itself
and the geometric diagrams
analyzing plays after the fact.

"Blue's losing," Lawrence said.

"What? They are not," Jayce said,
pouring herself more chili popcorn.
"They're ahead in the scoring."

"Doesn't matter," Lawrence said.
"This is all geometry and strategy.
Their strategy sucks, they've just
gotten in a few lucky kicks."

"Oh, go on," Stan said,
shoving him with a shoulder.
"What do you know about football?"

But when the game ended,
Lawrence proved correct.

"Well, that'll teach me
not to argue with the guy
who sees six moves ahead,"
Stan said, shaking his head.

Jayce and Sloane laughed at him.

Lawrence smiled to see them
having such a good time.
"So, football repair project
is a success?" he said.

"Yep," Jayce said. "We
rock on block shedding."

"Hmm?" Lawrence said,
snuggling against Stan.
"I don't know that term."

"Block shedding is when
a defender escapes a block
once engaged and evades
the offensive blocker to move
toward the ball carrier,"
Stan explained.

Lawrence laughed.
"Totally you," he agreed.

* * *


Block Shedding – Block shedding describes a defender’s ability to escape a block once engaged, flowing toward the ball carrier and evading the offensive blocker.

Sunday, September 7, 2014 is their senior year of high school.

The National Football League (NFL) regular season starts on the weekend after the Labor Day holiday. Other football organizations tend to follow a similar schedule.

Superbowl recipes can be healthy without necessarily being low-calorie. Avocado is a popular ingredient. Jayce brings Hawaiian Roll Sliders, Strawberry Footballs, and Rainbow Fruit Skewers with Yogurt Sauce. Stan makes Trash Can Nachos, Stuffed Avocados, and No-Bake Vegan Brownies. Lawrence brings Zucchini Fries and Sun-Dried Tomato Hummus with homemade corn chips, pita chips, and potato chips.

Lawrence also makes Red Palm Oil Popcorn. Red palm oil imparts a vivid yellow to red color. Here the guys are seasoning it with chili powder for more punch. Note: when cooking with red palm oil, add other seasonings sparingly at first because it greatly enhances the flavor.

Football plays can be illustrated with diagrams. Learn how to identify the formations. Here are some NFL playbook examples.
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