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Setting notes for "Free-Ranging Release"

Here are the setting notes for "Free-Ranging Release."

T-Pahrump has all of its safety facilities clustered together. At the top of the map, you can see adult and junior ball fields in Finest Fields Park. On the bottom left is the police station. On the bottom right is the fire station, which includes the county's emergency medical service. These are the elevations.

This is the Serenity Clinic of Human Sexuality. On this floor plan, Office 1 is for group counseling. Next is the manager's office, then the dotties and kitchen/breakroom. Office 2 is Juliette's consulation office with a desk and chairs. Office 3 is for practical sex therapy and has strong soundproofing. Offices 4 and 5 are for couples counseling. Offices 6-8 are for individual counseling. Serenity treats a wide range of complaints including disorders of sexual development, ego-dystonic sexual orientation, relationship malfunctions, sexual misbehavior, and sexual trauma.

One option that Terramagne-America offers for people with pedophila is living in a hermitage. This is a neighborhood made entirely of adult residents, with no minors permitted. Most are for men only, but a few are for women or mixed-gender residents. A hermitage may be open, so that residents are free to come and go; or secured, like some special needs housing where residents require a pass and a supervisor to leave. Commitment in the latter is voluntary. (Residential redlining remains illegal in T-America, so it is not legal to force people to live in certain areas or ban them from others, although themed housing is allowed.) Some facilities are religious, others secular. Some form a community among residents, while others provide scattered housing for those who choose to isolate themselves. All hermitages cater to people who find their own sexual orientation repugnant and wish to avoid temptation. They often provide counselors, chaplains, and other staff to assist residents in living as comfortable a life as possible. Communal hermitages typically have a common house and may have other shared facilities such as workshops, craft rooms, studios, offices, gardens, sport fields, and other constructive venues. There is a never-ending debate about whether segregating people with pedophilia is more helpful or more harmful. That's one reason hermitages are voluntary rather than part of the penal system. In any case, partial or total isolation follows an inclination that many people with pedophila feel to isolate themselves. Hermitages provide a safe and secure place to do that.

Saint Agathon of Scete was a hermit who supported himself by weaving baskets to sell.

The Hermitage of Saint Agathon lies just outside of Pahrump, Nevada. It houses men living with pedophila, and the minimum age of entry is 21. The hermitage core area has 12 apartment units, 9 townhome units (of which one is wheelchair-accessible), and 1 sharehouse. Of the townhomes, the 5 middle units have 1 bedroom, while the 4 end units have 2 bedrooms and an extra niche for office space. The Delaware House dates from 1935 and has 3 bedrooms downstairs, two upstairs, a finished cellar, and a full bath on each floor. The core area also has a common house with craft workshops, counseling rooms, guest rooms, a common kitchen, dining room, and lounge. Other facilities include a storage building, a bike garage, car parking, a potting shed, and a community garden. Beyond the core lies a semiwild area with 10 scattered cabins, and wilderness area. The hermitage can accommodate about 40 people, more if some of them share bedrooms. The parking lot includes 45 spaces to leave room for staff and guests.

A palm-lined avenue leads to Oasis Apartments. The swimming pool area has its own porches. The central park includes an outdoor grill, picnic tables, benches, and a playground. A small lawn provides space for outdoor games.

Here is the lobby looking toward the computers and looking toward the gym. Residents can use a variety of equipment in the gym. The common kitchen lies near the lounge.

Juliette has a 2-bedroom apartment. Here is the living room looking toward the patio doors and looking toward the wall. A small kitchen connects to the dining room. The bathroom has a Parisian theme. The bedroom is accented with touches of red. The home office is black and white.

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