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Character notes for "Free-Ranging Release"

Here are the character notes for "Free-Ranging Release." WARN ALL THE THINGS! Most of this discussion and its supporting links will be disturbing to most readers.

Sponsor's Note:

Why I prompted it: An online exchange brought to mind someone I once knew well, who was a well-regarded participant in a
couple of communities we shared until their arrest and conviction on charges of possessing kiddie porn. This reminded me of another person against whom possibly fabricated evidence that they had visited a kiddie porn website was being used to bring charges against them that threatened their security clearance. My interests also intersect with several others who have had similar tactics used against them in attempts to destroy their lives. It is absolutely true that the production of kiddie porn
involves nonconsensal sex with the children involved, and that is criminal and deserving of punishment. It is also understandable that our cultural response includes making kiddie porn consumers complicit in this crime.

What is harder for me to follow is why our undeniable cultural horror of people who are sexually aroused by children has contaminated almost all methods of dealing with the stress their orientation creates. All that remains is an even more stressful default narrative promising exclusion to anyone who discloses their orientation, and ever more draconian punishments for those who succumb.

On top of which, the stress of remaining secret and totally suppressing one's desire is at least as harmful. To quote a slogan popularized during the political battles surrounding the AIDS pandemic, "Silence=Death." Resources and methods for
learning how to survive bearing this sexual orientation are either absent or spectacularly ineffective, and damaging in either case. Such people have always existed, and no doubt always will. Some of them hope to forestall harm to those they value by seeking forms of relief that are more impersonal, yet their punishment for doing so is not lessened.

The Fishbowl theme, "Alternative Learning," that spurred this prompt, seemed to me to align well. There must be better ways of handling things. You are someone I believe is able to address these issues in a sensitive manner,
and has a suitable setting for doing so.

Why I sponsored it: The story explores less destructive methods (to self and others) of handling pedophilic urges, and shows how those who do not choose to, or cannot handle, isolation from children might find ways to retain a nonnegative cultural identity. It directly challenges the default narrative around pedophilia, and that is essential if any progress is to
be made. And I would not invite anyone, much less you, to bring their professional abilities to bear on this cesspool unless I was prepared to back it with money.

* * *

Author's Note:

The goal of this discussion is to reduce the total amount and frequency of harm to persons and to society, by improving awareness of and solutions for sexual disorders. Please try to comment in a spirit of problem-solving and civility, and avoid things which tend to undermine a free exchange of ideas (e.g. name calling, logical fallacies).

Extreme rejection of pedophiles harms non-pedophiles by mistaken violence, and the mere accusation destroys lives even if disproven, in addition to wider social complications caused by questionable techniques of enforcing norms. In this regard, it benefits non-pedophiles to seek a more rational response to this condition, because anyone can be mistaken for a pedophile or falsely accused of child molestation and then punished or even murdered. "Sexually abusing kids is about the worst thing you can be accused of in our society. The hatred reserved for those who do it is so intense that moral values we otherwise hold sacrosanct can be thrown out of the window in an instant in the rush to condemn. In the summer of 2013, for example, residents on a housing estate in Brislington, outside Bristol, burned a 44-year-old disabled man to death who they accused (wrongly, it turned out) of being a pedophile."

Also, this comic explains a key reason why I write darkfic.

As Buddhists put it, "May all beings be free from suffering."

* * *

Juliette Rayne -- She has pale skin, brown eyes, and straight hair streaked in shades of blonde that falls just past her shoulders. Her father is French-Canadian and her mother is American; Juliette speaks English, French, and Latin. Chronologically, she is 36 years old, and retains her adult personality despite the age regression. Physically, she is 10, and prepubescent since she did not reach puberty until 14 while growing up. Despite her identification, people often mistake her for an actual child and treat her as one.
At 21, Juliette graduated from Middlebury College with a bachelor's degree in Molecular Biology & Biochemistry (honors) and a minor in Psychology. Her biochemical research focused on ways to manipulate the human body, including how to slow the aging process. Her psychological research explored aberrations in the human mind and how to identify them. Next she attended the University of Vermont where she earned a Master of Science in Chemistry with a specialization in Zetetics, and a minor in Behavioral Change Health Studies, at 23. She did research projects on analysis of zetetic samples and on shaping behavioral changes.
After getting her master's degree, Juliette spent two years working for the police department in Montpelier, Vermont where she analyzed zetetic materials -- mostly stuff captured from mad science labs. That gave her some ideas. Then at 26 she went into private research on longevity and immortality, which ended badly when she regressed her body from 30 to 10.
Juliette then abandoned zetetics and focused more on pyschology. To make a clean break, she moved out of Vermont entirely. She went to study practical sex counseling for a year at the Aphrodite Trade School in Las Vegas, Nevada. Then she took a job at the Serenity Clinic of Human Sexuality in Pahrump, Nevada where she specializes in treating clients with pedophila. She also does distance counseling for some clients who live in the Hermitage of Saint Agathon.
Origin: Juliette was born smart and got smarter over time. She spent her career in zetetics researching routes to longevity and immortality. When she was 30, she thought she had found one, but what it actually did was regress her body to age 10. She has not shown any signs of aging in the six years since, so either she is aging very slowly or not at all.
Uniform: She favors French fashions and often shops at Le Petit Jardin. She usually wears black and white, sometimes accented with pink, red, or blue.
Qualities: Expert (+4) Practical Sex Counselor, Expert (+4) Zetetic Chemistry, Good (+2) Adaptable, Good (+2) Agility, Good (+2) Rapport
Poor (-2) Age Discrimination
Powers: Good (+2) Super-Intellect, Average (0) Regressed to Age 12
Motivation: To make the best of things.

Molecular Biology and Biochemistry (MBBC) at Middlebury College, Vermont
Required Background Courses:
MATH 0121 Calculus I
PHYS 0109 Newtonian Physics
BIOL 0140 Ecology and Evolution
BIOL 0145 Cell Biology and Genetics
BIOL 0211 Experimental Design and Data Analysis or MATH 116 Introduction to Statistical Science
CHEM 0103 or CHEM 0107 General Chemistry I or Adv. General Chemistry
CHEM 0104 or CHEM 0107 General Chemistry II or Adv. General Chemistry
CHEM 0203 Organic Chemistry I: Structure and Reactivity
CHEM 0204 Organic Chemistry II: Synthesis and Spectroscopy
Required Advanced Courses:
BIOL 0314 Molecular Genetics
CHEM 0322 Biochemistry of Macromolecules
Required Elective Suite Courses:
A list of appropriate electives is provided within each suite. However, not all listed courses are offered every year. Also, as other appropriate courses may become available on campus, there may be additional course options within each suite. Majors will be kept informed of currently available courses that fit within each of the three elective suites.
Students may not count a single course in more than one elective category requirement.
1. Quantitative Suite (students must take 1 class in this suite)
MATH 0315 Mathematical Models in the Social and Life Sciences*
2. Advanced Laboratory Suite- Lecture and Independent Research (students must take 1 class in this suite)
BIOL 0324 Genomics
3. Advanced Non-Laboratory Suite (students must take 2 classes in this suite)
BIOL 0420 Neurogenetics
CHEM 0425 Biochemistry of Metabolism
Any major is eligible to perform an independent study research project (BIOL 0500, CHEM 0400, NSCI 0500, or BIOL/CHEM/NSCI/MBBC 0700) with the consent of a mentor.

Requirements for the Minor in Psychology:
To earn a minor in psychology students need to complete five psychology courses, including the following:
• PSYC 0105: Introduction to Psychology
• Two foundation/core courses from among
PSYC 0204: Personality Psychology
PSYC 0224: Psychological Disorders
• Two electives (any fall, spring, or winter term PSYC courses)
PSYC 0307 - Human Sexuality
PSYC 0309 - Psychopharmacology ▹
PSYC 0314 - Psychology of Morality

Research Opportunities: There are options for students who are interested in conducting research in psychology. Students need permission from a faculty member prior to enrollment in these courses.
• Sophomores and Juniors
Directed Research (PSYC 0350)
Advanced Research (PSYC 0500)
• Seniors
Senior Thesis (PSYC 0701/0702/0703)

In T-America, the Master of Science program is similar, but adds an option to specialize. Zetetic chemistry involves gizmotronic and super-gizmotronic subtances, such as designer drugs and materials that convey (usually temporary) superpowers.

Master of Science in Chemistry with a specialization in Zetetics at the University of Vermont
Graduate Program Overview
The chemistry department offers M.S. and Ph.D. graduate programs in analytical, inorganic, organic or physical chemistry. In recent years about eight students per year have received the Ph.D.—the size of the student body makes for close faculty-student contacts and an informal, stimulating atmosphere. It is of note that we also offer an Accelerated Masters Program in Chemistry.
The educational philosophy of the department allows for considerable flexibility in a student's graduate program. You may take courses in fields outside the department, such as biochemistry, pharmacology, physics, mathematics, environmental science, and other science areas in a program tailored to your interests and needs. In the chemistry department, courses are offered in inorganic chemistry, organometallic chemistry, physical inorganic chemistry, synthetic organic chemistry, physical organic chemistry, heterocyclic chemistry, advanced analytical chemistry, optical spectroscopy, mass spectrometry, electrochemistry, thermodynamics, quantum chemistry and polymer chemistry.

In T-America, the graduate minor requires 12 credits at 100 level, 6 at 200 level, and a research project or other independent study. Juliette did her research on shaping behavioral changes.

Larner College of Medicine Behavioral Change Health Studies Minor at the University of Vermont
A 15-Credit Undergraduate Minor

Requirements for the Minor
Students wishing to obtain a minor in Behavioral Change Health Studies must complete a total of fifteen credit hours in LCOMU courses including:
• 3 credits consisting of COMU 001: Healthy Brains, Healthy Bodies
• 9 Credits of LCOMU 100-level courses listed below
• 3 LCOMU credits of their choice

Courses that meet the Minor Requirements
Larner College of Medicine Undergraduate
COMU 021: Your Brain on Drugs
COMU 123: The Effects of Adversity
COMU 125: The Science of Happiness
COMU 131: Sex, Love, and the Neuroscience of Relationships
COMU 195: How You Became You: Personality Development from Infancy to Early Adulthood

Department of Psychological Science*
PSYS 274: Advanced Behavioral Change
PSYS 292: Personality Changes After Superpower Manifestation (T-American)

In L-America, prostitution is legal in Nevada, but only in the less-populated counties. Note that this largely bans practical sex education, which leaves people to fumble along on their own: not a recipe for adept skills. Furthermore, the absolute prohibition on sex in therapy means that anything requiring practical sex counseling is illegal to treat, and people are simply left to suffer ... unless they can find an amateur to attempt helping them for free. This is a miserable situation. In T-America, prostitution is legal throughout Nevada. This includes practical sex counseling, for which the state offers a 1-year program via the Aphrodite Trade School in Las Vegas, Nevada. Consider the pros and cons of legalized prostitution. If one adheres to a principle of true consent, then willing prostitution should be legal and unwilling prostitution should be illegal (as sexual assault). If one adheres to a principle of authorization, then someone important decides what is to be done with other people's bodies, and prostitution may be legal or illegal as pleases those in power. T-America generally favors consent, but a lot of people remain squeamish about other folks making choices they don't agree with, so legal prostitution is still limited in scope. Practical sex education fares somewhat better, since it doesn't necessarily have to involve a fee or may be included as an option along with other services.

Nye County, Nevada has a population of almost 44,000 and lies near Las Vegas. See a map of Nye County. Pahrump is the largest town with a population of 36,441. Local-Pahrump has two legal brothels. In T-America, the Serenity Clinic of Human Sexuality offers talk therapy, medication, practical sex counseling, and other services.

Juliette favors French fashions. Her wardrobe looks something like this. The 5-piece French wardrobe features a core of essential items plus 5 new accent pieces per season. With a tight budget and/or closet, the seasons are spring/summer and fall/winter. More generous parameters allow four seasons per year. To keep the wardrobe concise and fresh, try to follow the one in/one out rule rather than letting the wardrobe bloat only to make big cuts occasionally.

Le Petit Jardin is a Terramagne store which sells children's clothes and teaches young people about style using the 5-Piece French Wardrobe. Prices range from moderate to high, and quality from good to high. They stock basic items in a Parisian style along with new items for each fashion season in playful colors and designs. Items include blouses, skirts, shirts, trousers, shorts, sweaters, t-shirts, a few suits and dresses for special occasions, and accessories. Garments that match have the same kind of flower tag, similar to what L-American Garanimals does with animal tags. Each season, Le Petit Jardin has a featured accessory priced at 5 francs (or the local equivalent) available for a limited time only, and many devoted customers collect these. They often feature French children's books or cartoon characters. Staff are trained to assist children, and they have several brands of body scanner. Also, all the staff speak French (plus the local vernacular) regardless of what country the store is in -- which means if you speak French, you can shop comfortably in any country that has Le Petit Jardin. For this reason, the store is enormously popular with international travelers and multilingual families. The company even arranges presentations at grade schools and junior highs to encourage students to choose French as their foreign language.

Melvin Faber -- He has cocoa skin, brown eyes, and short nappy black hair. He serves as a policeman in Pahrump, Nevada. Melvin is more skilled in body than in mind, but he tries to do a good job and will make up for mistakes as best he can. He loves sports, both watching them and playing for fun.
Qualities: Good (+2) Intimidation, Good (+2) Kinesthetic Intelligence, Good (+2) Sports Fan, Good (+2) Strength
Poor (-2) Not the Smartest Guy on the Squad

Deward Proue -- He has fair skin, brown eyes, and short dark hair that is receding and also going gray. He works as a lawyer in Pahrump, Nevada. He excels at his job and has a particular skill with paperwork, but it gives him a sour view of humanity in general. Among his clients is Juliette Rayne, a 36-year-old sex counselor who looks 10 due to a zetetic mishap. As a hobby, Deward enjoys classic literature.
Qualities: Expert (+4) Lawyer, Good (+2) Classic Literature Fan, Good (+2) Needs Little Sleep, Good (+2) Paperwork Ninja, Good (+2) Shrewd
Poor (-2) Sour View of Humanity

See the exterior and interior of his briefcase.

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