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More Economic News

Here are a few more articles about the economy...

This one begins with encouraging Americans to stay in their homes despite foreclosure, but then it goes into ruthless detail about some individuals and institutions who directly contributed to the economic collapse.

Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D-OH) Urges Homeowners to Stay in Foreclosed Homes
In the absence of government action so far, some are taking action on the local level. In Michigan, Wayne County Sheriff Warren Evans announced Monday he won't enforce sales of foreclosed homes. And in Ohio, Rep. Marcy Kaptur is encouraging homeowners facing foreclosures to stay in their homes. Meanwhile, the government-backed mortgage giant Fannie Mae has agreed to restructure mortgages after a campaign led by one of its biggest critics, the Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America.

ACORN has an ongoing campaign against foreclosures.

This one is mainly a list of items in the stimulus package which Republicans have described as "pork." In analyzing these, ask yourself: "Whom would this help? Whom would this inconvenience or harm? Does this involve a job that someone has been or would be paid to do?" I'm also horrified by the reanimation of FutureGen: coal is NOT clean power (just ask Tennessee, eh?) and that is right in my backyard.

What GOP Leaders deem wasteful in Senate stimulus bill
On Monday, Congressional Republican leaders put out a list of what they call wasteful provisions in the Senate version of the nearly $900 billion stimulus bill that is being debated:
$2 billion earmark to re-start FutureGen, a near-zero emissions coal power plant in Illinois that the Department of Energy defunded last year because it said the project was inefficient.

Greenpeace is one of several organizations fighting against the "clean coal" myth.

This one further raises the alarm that the stimulus package will include money for nuclear power. Nuclear power is not only unclean and unsafe, it creates problems that could easily outlast the whole human race and will continue to demand maintenance for tens of thousands of years.

A $50 Billion Nuke Power Bomb Is Dropping Toward Obama's Stimulus Package

The desperate, dangerous nuclear power industry has dropped a $50 billion stealth bomb meant to irradiate the Obama Stimulus Package.

It comes in the form of a mega-loan guarantee package that would build new reactors Wall Street wouldn't finance even when it had cash. It will take a healthy dose of citizen action to stop it, so start calling your Senators now.

Council for a Livable World seeks to diminish nuclear weapons and other uses of nuclear energy.
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