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Assorted Action Calls

Below are some action calls that crossed my desk today, variously covering issues of environment, economics, and justice.

This one aims to put some safeguards on Navy noise to avoid harming our few remaining cetaceans.

As President Bush flew off into the sunset, his administration
left behind three dangerous rules that would allow the Navy "to
take" -- to harass, injure or kill -- marine mammals more than
10 million times over the next five years of sonar training.

We must speak out now and urge the Obama Administration to
reverse this unconscionable attack on marine mammals:

This one aims to deal with banks using taxpayer money to enrich executives instead of making loans as the bailout was intended to do:

Last week, when President Obama heard that some Wall Street banks that have been propped up with taxpayer funds might be using the bailout money to pay executive bonuses, he called it "shameful." Shameful is right, but most of these executives have no shame. So while being called out by the president might make them uncomfortable, it's not going to stop them.

That's why, next week, our staff and members from across the country will be meeting with dozens of members of Congress to ask them to hold banks and their regulators accountable and to pass measures to prevent the need for future bailouts.

President Obama is right. The banks aren't making loans and the economy is getting worse, but the banks will continue to pay million-dollar bonuses with taxpayer money as long as they can get away with it.


This one aims to continue President Obama's efforts to close Guantanamo Bay and generally reinstate justice as an American ideal:

We expected this to happen. President Obama's bold
first moves on Guantánamo Bay and military commissions have been met
by brazen campaigns of misinformation from those who want to retain
disastrous Bush administration policies.

Write a letter to the editor to get the facts out there and to make it
clear that people all across America support President Obama's
actions to restore our nation's commitment to justice and the
rule of law.

Help get the facts out there by writing a letter to the editor. Or,
learn the facts and post on your favorite blogs or news sites .
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