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Sunday Yardening

Today is partly cloudy, calm, and mild.

I fed the birds.  I've seen several finches on the thistle sock today.

I planted two bunches of globe allium in the purple-and-white garden. 

EDIT 4/28/19: Round Two -- I planted a black-eyed susan in the wildflower garden and another in the prairie garden.

I saw a robin, a pair of brown-headed cowbirds, and a brown thrasher around the feeders in the forest garden.

EDIT 4/28/19: Round Three -- I planted a purple coneflower  in the wildflower garden and another in the prairie garden.

EDIT 4/28/19: Round Four -- I planted two blazing stars in the forest garden.  That's the last of the things from the plant swap.  I still have most of a flat of plants from the sale, which I put outside to start the hardening off process.

EDIT 4/28/19: Round Five -- After supper, I went back out to water plants and mulch around the ones in the prairie garden.  As it is now dark, I am done for the night.

I saw a mourning dove eating out of the thistle sock.  Normally they are ground feeders, although they like the fly-through feeder because they can stand in it.  This one was perched on a branch below the sock, and was tall enough to reach the bottom of the sock.  LOL  I had no idea that doves even liked thistle seed.  Usually they go for millet or sunflower seeds.
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