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Today's Adventures

We have houseguests and are getting ready for Beltane.

This morning we went to the Douglas-Hart Nature Center for their plant swap and sale.  I got about a flat of native plants.

In the afternoon we went to Celebration.  It was raining, so only the diehards were there.  ;)  I got a corndog for lunch.  We saw some familiar vendors.  There was nothing that caught my fancy (within price range: the lady who works with tin ceiling tiles had some lovely new pieces) until almost the very end.  Tie Dye by the LB is a fibercraft booth selling t-shirts and tapestries with splendid tie-dye work.  Many of these are complex mandalas, not just the usual spirals or angles.  Some of the colors are super-saturated while others are muted, so there's something for everyone no matter what your colors are.  Most of the work is done with liquid dye, but some is ice-dyed using powders.  I bought two mandala t-shirts, one blue and green on white and the other multicolor.  \o/  [personal profile] janetmiles got a couple too, one of which reminds me of Jupiter.

Then we went up to Champaign for supper.  We ate at Kohinoor, a favorite Indian restaurant.  I got to bring home some of the Jaipuri naan with bits of candied fruit.  <3

All in all, it's been a good day.
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