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Bird Murdering a Plant

I just watched a bird murder a plant.  There's a brown thrasher out in the forest garden.  I saw it vigorously digging with feet and beak.  Then it ripped a small plant out of the ground, and proceeded to tear into that thing like it was the spawn of Satan.  Full-on hammer blows with beak, raking claw strikes, slamming the plant against the tree trunk and shaking it until pieces flew off.  I have no idea why.  I don't know if the plant was a weed or a flower.  There probably isn't enough left to tell.  0_o 

Maybe the plant was really an invader from space that just got obliterated by a random Earthling.

EDIT 4/16/19 -- Closer examination revealed the victim to be a crocus.  I still don't know why the thrasher felt that a crocus needed to die such a horrible death.
Tags: birdfeeding, illinois, nature, personal, wildlife
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