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Monday Yardening

Today is a beautiful spring day, sunny and quite warm. 

I saw a tufted titmouse in the forest garden.  :D   We haven't had any here in years.

I went out and took some pictures of flowers and stuff in the yard.

Then I planted 3 privets along the edge of the south lot.  I didn't even have the energy to mulch them, I got too hot and tired.  >_<  So I still have to do that before I can do anything else.

EDIT 4/8/19: Round 2, I went out and mulched around the new privets.

I saw a bluejay in the yard!  :D

EDIT 4/8/19: Round 3, I planted 3 more privets in the same row.  That finishes the current section, although I still have more to plant elsewhere.

I saw a red admiral butterfly and some bees.  Yay!  

EDIT 4/8/19: Round 4, I mulched the latest privets.

My mayapples and wild ginger are sprouting in the forest garden.  I think the bluebells are too.

EDIT 4/8/19: Round 5, I mulched the rest of the privets in that section that had survived from last year.  *goflopnow*

Tags: birdfeeding, gardening, illinois, nature, personal, wildlife
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