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Rainbow Fudge

Happy birthday to meeeee! :D 3q3q3q!!!

A fan sent me two different rainbow fudge samples, reminded of them by my description of Shiv's rainbow-chocolate eggs.

At least the first one was spectacular.  We had it for lunch dessert today.  So I cut it in half ... licked the knife ... mmm ... licked the wrapper.  :D   The apricot is a dominant note for me, and that's the best apricot extract I've ever tasted: it tastes exactly like the apricots we used to pick off our tree when I was little.  My partner noted that it's meltier than most fudge.  I pointed out that -- aside from the fandangous add-ins -- this is a very traditional fudge recipe without modern binders like marshmallow fluff.  And it still set.  So epic.

EDIT 4/4/19: Read a review of the second one, Rainbow Fudge.

Look at these beauties!  That's natural color on the left, mostly from flowers.  The right has food color and powdered fruit.
This is the front of the rainbow fudges, showing more colors.

Here you can see the back sides.
The back side of the rainbow fudges shows the labels.

Fairy Food Rainbow Fudge from the back, so you can see most of the label.
Ingredients: candied flowers, heavy cream, white chocolate, strawberry and apricot extracts, fennel pollen, lemon balm, citric, elderflower & cornflower, salt.
This is the back side of the Fairy Food Rainbow Fudge.

A side view shows how the label wraps around.
A side view of the Rainbow Fairy Fudge shows the other end of the label.

The Rainbow Fudge has a different set of ingredients.
Cream, butter, sugar, cherry and blueberry powders, orange and pandan extracts, ginger, cardamom, food color, salt, edible glitter (gum Arabic).  I can hardly wait to try this!
Here is a closeup of the label for the Rainbow Fudge piece.

I wish I could find fudge recipes like this, because daaaamn.  A little slice of Terramagne, as literally as you could ever get in this dimension.  Dr. Infanta would inhale this stuff by the pound.
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