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A Prayer for Transformation

From Jewish tradition, a prayer for transformation:

תפילה להפך – מאבן בֹחן | Prayer for Transformation, from the poem Even Boḥan (“Touchstone”) by Rabbi Qalonymus ben Qalonymus ben Meir (1322 C.E.)

Father in heaven
who did miracles for our ancestors with fire and water
You transformed the fire of Ur Kasdim so it would not burn [Avraham]
You transformed Dinah in the womb of her mother [Leah, to a girl]
You transformed the staff [of Moshe] to a snake before a million eyes
You transformed (Moshe’s) hand to (leprous) white
and the Sea of Reeds to dry land.
and the sea floor into solid and dried-up earth
You transformed the rock into water,
hard flint to a fountain.[15]
Who would then transform me from a man to woman?
Tags: ethnic studies, gender studies, history, networking, poetry, reading, spirituality
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