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Thursday Yardening

Today is sunny and quite warm, with a light breeze.  :D  It is a beautiful spring day, perfect for working outside.

Round 1 -- I fed the birds.  Lots of them are out and about today, hopping around and singing.

I cleaned the dead stems and leaves out of the barrel garden and its hanging pots.  These are now ready for planting.  It's not actually the first place I usually plant, but it's a small easy project to start with. 

My violas are waving gently in the wind, a little burst of color in a world that is mostly still drab.  It makes me smile to see them.

EDIT 3/28/19: Round 2 -- I straightened the brick border around the cistern garden, then removed dead stems and cut away some tree seedlings that didn't belong there.  I still need to remove dead leaves or stuff them down the holes, and add more soil.

EDIT 3/28/9: Round 3 -- I raked most of the dead leaves into the holes and low parts of the cistern garden.  I think I'll wait on adding more soil until I've bought new potting soil.  I pulled a few weeds too.  This section is in much better shape now.  \o/

EDIT 3/28/19: Round 4 -- I took the pruners and cut away seedlings from the strip between the house and the sidewalk, and inside the strip garden on the patio.  I still have a lot more pruning to do on the far edge of the strip garden and patio where it joins the lawn.

EDIT 3/28/19: Round 5 -- I pruned seedlings and pulled weeds along the back edge of the strip garden and patio.  That area should probably be raked up and the refuse thrown in the firepit. But at least it's cut down now. 

EDIT 3/28/19: Round 6 -- I raked up the mess along the edge of the patio, and hauled two trolley loads to the firepit.

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