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Content notes for "The Quickest Way to Know a Woman"

Here are the content notes for "The Quickest Way to Know a Woman."

Omaha weather for January 5, 2015

A moderate breeze of 13-18 mph stirs small branches.

Shrewd Dude is a T-American clothing store for men that supports a wide range of formulas for capsule wardrobes. They carry everything from hats through clothes to shoes, mostly in midrange quality and prices. Style ranges from casual to business, with most of the items in the middle. Staff are trained to assist men, and they have a body scanner. So you can walk in, tell them what colors and dress mode(s) you want, set a budget, and they'll dress you for it. You can pick a capsule if you want to, but it's not required; the staff can suit one to your price range and clothing needs. It's an easy and relatively affordable way to fill a closet with essentials that look nice together, for men who don't like fiddling around with fashion themselves but want to look decent.

This graphic shows a range of men's dress codes for various occasions. Using a visual interface makes it easier for someone like Shiv to indicate what he needs to buy.

Some people use more color words than other people. Here are similar colors lists indicated for women/men and artists/normal people. Regardless of what the label says, it helps for a shopkeeper to know what level of detail in color vocabulary a customer prefers to use. This is one palette offered to customers who are fluent with colors, with 32 colors in classic shades used in menswear. This simplified palette is for kids, men who don't care much about colors, English language learners, people with mental issues, and other folks who may struggle with a larger palette.

This 5-point scale uses hand signs to indicate customer feelings about colors: Love, Like, Ehhh, Dislike, or Hate. Salesmen will offer first the Love and Like categories, broken up with Ehhh if necessary, and not items from the Dislike or Hate categories.

This simplified 3-point scale uses faces to indicate customer feelings about colors: Happy, OK, or Sad. Salesmen will offer first the Happy category, broken up with OK if necessary, and not items from the Sad category.

Color theory can be shown in detail or in simple form. Here is a blank worksheet for the simple form. This fashion spread for women's clothes demonstrates how to use color theory in creating outfits; the same principles apply to men's clothes. Colors also have connotations that you can use to express yourself.

Fashion palettes are often created by color season. This chart compares different features to derive a season. Here is a palette for winter men. Different systems may yield different results. Regardless of which chart you use, always check your results by holding the palette against your skin. That will tell you which set of colors look best on you. A very easy mistake to make in color seasons is putting someone with pale icy colors (in Shiv's case: cool porcelain skin, blue eyes, and white-blond hair) in Summer. Those soft summer colors look terrible on them. They need either icy pastels, pure bold colors, or deep shades -- all of which are in the Winter palette. Shiv also wears earth tones and khakis because they're good for blending in. They're not his best colors, but looking drab is great when you want to disappear. He knows perfectly well what to wear to dress up, hence his attraction to blues. He hasn't noticed nearly as much that certain warm colors will also look good on him.

The first seasonal palettes underserved people of color. Now there are guides for Asian and black folks, among others. Luci's coloring makes her look good in many autumn and winter colors.

Double-sided towels are good for cleaning, but also for wiping away unpleasant skin sensations. While most people don't sense anything from a body scanner, some people with super-senses, sensory processing disorder, or other sensitivities may detect the scan and then either like or dislike the sensation. Shiv is sensitive enough to feel it, and hates it. Since he also hates having other people's hands on his body, that leaves him with no comfortable way to get measurements. He settles for the scanner as more detailed and less dangerous.

Fashion seasons run ahead of calendar/weather seasons, so that people can buy things just before needing them. In Terramagne, most brands release either two seasons (spring/summer and fall/winter) or four seasons (spring, summer, fall, winter) of clothes.

Originally, boyfriend fashion was simply wearing clothes borrowed from a boyfriend or brother. Later, women's clothing introduced garments with a masculine look but still subtly shaped to accommodate female bodies. In T-America, menswear stores often have a section of boyfriend clothes that are either from women's designers, or men's designers that fit well on women. Common choices include blazers, jackets, work shirts, and jeans. Boyfriend fashion overlaps with tomboy style, but is inherently more feminine due to the implied heterosexuality. The masculine clothes are usually worn one at a time as accents against a feminine backdrop.

Whatever's Clean 13 is a template system for creating a capsule wardrobe that can't clash. It often goes from one extreme to another, such as warmer to cooler. Check out this men's capsule wardrobe of cool colors for cool weather. Shiv would be perfectly happy in that.

The 4x4 Wardrobe uses blocks of four garments: the Core of Four (2 tops and 2 bottoms in a neutral color), the Expansion Four (2 tops and 2 bottoms in an accent color; or at least 2 tops with maybe a bottom or a dress in various colors), the Mileage Four (4 tops in the same neutral and/or accent colors), the Integration Four (accessorites in the same neutral and/or accent colors, often multicolor). You can build a wardrobe just from blocks of four, or start with a focal item like a scarf.

Building a capsule wardrobe requires a little thought and a lot of choices. Since Shiv doesn't know what he's doing and quickly gets overwhelmed by choice paralysis, he sensibly delegates much of the work to an expert. This leaves him with 4 Oxford shirts (pink, white, light blue, light gray), 4 long-sleeved t-shirts (tan, white, gray, navy), 6 sweatsuits (red, navy, light gray, medium gray, olive, black), 4 sweatshirts (light gray, black, khaki, navy), 4 dark blue jeans, 2 trousers (black and navy), gray flannel trousers, a gray wool sweater, a black-and-white plaid overshirt, 2 vests (brown and blue), a blue striped wool sweater, 6 sets of long underwear (black, medium gray, light gray, blue, khaki, white), 6 pairs of cotton boot socks (2 black, 1 each of gray, white, khaki, blue), 3 pairs of wool boot socks (dark gray, medium gray, light gray), tall winter boots, chelsea boots, a wool coat, and a set of hat-scarf-gloves. Such service creates intense customer loyalty for Shrewd Dude.

The Patagonia Black Hole duffel bag holds 120 liters and is one of the best duffel backpacks. Shiv has the blue one, and this is how a Black Hole looks when carried. For comparison, this is the canvas duffel that Shiv was considering. He's far enough along now to choose a nicer product when he can, even though it's a bit flashier. A set of bungee cords and carabiners makes it easy to lash things to the outside of the duffel bag.

In T-America, assistance cards are readily available for a wide range of challenges. Official ID cards require a diagnosis, but simple notices do not. Many organizations offer them in premade or customizable versions, typically disclosing a problem and a solution(s). Shiv's says "Please be patient. I have difficulty with math. Thank you!" on the front and "This person helps me with math:" plus Dymin's contact information on the back. He loves it because it requires no official registration and saves him a ton of arguments.

Outfit making apps allow you to drag-and-drop images either online or on a smartphone.

Revitalizing foods help people to recover after expending energy. Shrewd Dude stocks such snacks because shopping tends to make their customers feel drained.

Luci's TOHO Bead Round 8/0 Dichroic Lined Aqua Blue Rainbow, 8g bag
Code: TBRD8-995 $0.62
These TOHO seed beads are perfect for bead weaving or for use as spacers. The versatile 8/0 size is an excellent choice for peyote stitch projects, looming, or even stringing. They are the perfect way to add small accents of beautiful color to your designs. These seed beads feature colorful stringing holes that shine through the iridescent aqua blue glass.
Each 8g package contains approximately 350 beads.
Size 8/0, 8g bag

Luci's 1 Kilo Fancy Mixed Glass India Lampwork Beads Loose Bulk Bead Lot 2+ lbs Jewelry US $29.99
This lot contains approximately 1 kilo (2.2 pounds) of India lampwork glass beads, similar to those pictured in the photos.
The beads vary in size, but are mostly larger beads in varying designs, colors, and shapes, most with metallic or other embellishments.
Most hole sizes are approximately 1.5-2mm.
We have tried to sort through and remove any broken or malformed beads, but some may have escaped our notice, so additional beads will be included to compensate for any that are broken.
You will receive beads randomly selected from the lot displayed in the photos

Shiv's 1/2 Pound Dichroic Glass Scrap 96 Coe - Fused Glass - Jewelry Making - Dichroic Jewelry $49.75
This listing is for a (1/2 lb) assortment of 96 Coe dichroic glass scrap ON BLACK AND CLEAR.
You will receive a variety of textures, patterns and colors including specialty glass ie: fracture glass ect. Glass pieces range between 1/2" - 3" square or larger.
Great for jewelry making! This is a wonderful starter kit to get you introduced to the world of fused glass. This is unfused glass ready for you to cut up and fuse in your kiln. You will receive a variety of sizes and shapes. The pictures included are an EXAMPLE of the glass you may receive and will vary depending on the glass that is on hand in my studio.

Textured yarn comes in many styles.

See Shiv's sari yarn and monochromatic twist yarn.

Sometimes you see yarn of different types bundled together to make a project. Here is Shiv's blue-and-yellow batch and his mauve-and-white batch for Luci's hat.

Shiv finds yarn in super chunky ripple (aqua or multicolor) and this caramel ripple.

This yarn, More People Love You Than You Will Ever Know in basic sock reminds Shiv of Halley because it resembles the maybe-colors that thon likes to wear. But he has no active plans to make anything of it.

Once Shiv has seen examples of bundling different yarns to complement each other, he starts doing it himself. The furry black yarn will go with the white-tufted black. The slub yarns go from white to gray, then there is a gray with red tufts.

Luci has Self-Care is NOT Selfish in classic worsted. She also buys tie-dye silk and indigo multicolor. The Orion set includes the colors Dark Orion, Orion, Betelgeuse, Bellatrix, Mintaka, and Rigel; the color family is shades of indigo blue.

Double-pointed needles allow knitting in the round. Read text instructions or watch a video for knitting with double-pointed needles. Shiv buys packages of single-pointed and double-pointed needles for learning to knit.

There are handouts for flat knitting and a classroom booklet. Patterns include hats and mittens, sweaters and vests. This flyer shows how to knit in the round.

Stitch markers are valuable accessories for knitting. See Shiv's numbered rainbow stitch markers. It's not rare for a shopkeeper to throw in little perks like this when someone drops a lot of money on one purchase.
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