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Location notes for "The Quickest Way to Know a Woman"

Here are the location notes for "The Quickest Way to Know a Woman."

This map of Omaha labels the neighborhoods. Here is downtown Omaha showing the Old Market. On this map, the area between Farnam and Harney streets is marked as Old Market.

This PDF map lists businesses in local-Old Market. Some slots are different in Terramagne-Old Market.
G4 Moksha
G7 McLovin – A Store for Men
K7 Overland Sheepskin & Leather
G12 Shrewd Dude (was Barry O’s pub)
G13 Creative Beadcraft (was JD Tuckers pub)
G14 Kosher Deli (was The Stadium Club)
G15 Artists’ Cooperative Gallery
G16 Yarn Over (was The Hair Market)
N10 Black Market

Signboards in the Old Market have maps of the district to help people navigate. During the holidays, it is beautiful by day and by night.

T-Omaha has a bike shelter with lockers on every block of the Old Market. This helps reduce car traffic in crowded areas by making it easier for people to stash purchases during long shopping trips.

1026 Howard St , Omaha Nebraska 68102
Indian Handicrafts,Gifts & Jewelry -Jewelry -Dresses -Silk&Pashmina Scarves -Leather Journals -Paintings -Designer Bags -Incense sticks

See the exterior of Moksha. Inside they have knickknacks, silk scarves, incense, and other imports.

McLovin - a store for men
As Omaha's premier men’s clothing store, we bring in leading national and international brands curated with current trends in mind that are just a few strides ahead of what you’re seeing everywhere else. Think contemporary business clothes and stylish sports wear, good-looking weekend gear and locally made accessories.
Our philosophy is all about serving our guests the right products at the right time with a welcoming vibe, online and in person

Overland Sheepskin & Leather
Specialties: Fine Sheepskin & Leather Fashions Since 1973---Belts, wallets, amazing hat collections, shoes, clothing, rugs and so much more!
1011 Howard St , Omaha Nebraska 68102

Shrewd Dude is a T-American clothing store for men that supports a wide range of formulas for capsule wardrobes. They carry everything from hats through clothes to shoes, mostly in midrange quality and prices. Style ranges from casual to business, with most of the items in the middle. Staff are trained to assist men, and they have a body scanner. So you can walk in, tell them what colors and dress mode(s) you want, set a budget, and they'll dress you for it. You can pick a capsule if you want to, but it's not required; the staff can suit one to your price range and clothing needs. It's an easy and relatively affordable way to fill a closet with essentials that look nice together, for men who don't like fiddling around with fashion themselves but want to look decent.

See the formal wear, casual wear, and work clothes inside Shrewd Dude.

Creative Beadcraft has racks and tables of beads inside.

The Kosher Deli has a serving bar with a chalk menu overhead. Tables and chairs line the far wall. Among their offerings are a bagel with lox and cream cheese, and a smoked duck grilled cheese sandwich.

Artists' Cooperative Fine Arts Gallery
Specialties: Painting, drawing, abstract, realism, pottery, Bronze, sculpture, fiber
We are a non-profit, tax-exempt gallery, located in Omaha’s historic Old Market area. We strive for personal artistic growth and professionalism in presentation. We are dedicated to exhibiting quality art on a year-round basis.The co-op is an artist run gallery. Artists volunteer time to staff the gallery and operate all aspects of the business. There are no gallery commissions. Sales go directly to the artist. We also offer the unique opportunity for you to actually meet the creator of the art, because the person at the desk is one of the artists.
405 South 11th Street, Omaha Nebraska 68102

The Artists' Cooperative Gallery displays sculptures, paintings, and other fine arts.

Yarn Over is a T-American shop with materials for knitting, crochet, and other fibercrafts. This wall has tools and supplies. Shelves and baskets hold more yarn. These big skeins are long-striping yarn. A work table provides space for crafting.

Black Market Furniture, Hardware + Lighting
1125 Jackson St
In The Alley
Omaha, NE 68102
United States
More About Black Market Furniture, Hardware + Lighting
Black Market Furniture, Hardware + Lighting is a 3,000 sq. ft. antique and restored hardware shop with a custom furniture showroom. Find inspiration & one of a kind pieces for your renovations and upgrades along with a great experience for your visit to Omaha!
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